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omega cold press juicer for celery

Are you looking to add more greens and veggies into your diet for better health? Drinking fresh juice made at home is one of the easiest ways to get those nutrients in.

But not all juicers are created equal when it comes to performance and juice yield.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take an up-close look at the Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Masticating Juicer to see if it lives up to its claims and hype. Read on to find out if this juicer is the right choice to help you reach your nutrition goals!

Key Takeaways

  • The Omega MM900HDS is optimized for juicing celery, with specialized parts and slower speeds.
  • It uses a triple-stage masticating technology to maximize juice extraction.
  • Comes with two adjustable end caps, one for celery and one for other produce.
  • Large chute and feed tray reduces prep time.
  • 15-year coverage on parts and performance.
  • More expensive than other juicers, but higher juice yield may offset costs.
  • Specialized for celery but not as versatile for other types of produce.

First Impressions of the Omega MM900HDS

When my Omega MM900HDS juicer first arrived on my doorstep, I was eager to unbox it and see this popular celery juicing machine up close.

beautiful modern kitchen with a big bowl of fruit and green vegetables on a wooden table

The box itself is large but not too cumbersome, weighing in at just over 20 lbs. Inside, the parts are neatly packed with styrofoam insulation.

Upon first glance, the juicer has a nice silver/chrome finish that looks modern and clean on the countertop. The body is made of GE Ultem plastic which feels solid and durable to the touch.

Assembly was quick and intuitive following the directions in the manual. I really appreciated that the parts neatly snap into place with magnets guiding the juicing screens. The parts lining up properly is crucial for good performance.

One thing that stands out is the low profile design – the Omega MM900HDS has a smaller footprint than typical masticating juicers. It stands just under 15 inches tall but is wider at 7.5 inches wide. Overall it takes up minimal counter space for storage.

Operation is fairly straightforward as well. Simply turn the juicer on, drop prepped fruits or vegetables into the large feed chute, then collect your pulp and juice from the separate spouts.

Next let’s look at what makes this juicer unique, starting with how it handles that popular morning health drink – celery juice.

Optimized for Celery Juicing

Celery juice has gained fame thanks to the Medical Medium Anthony William extolling its many health benefits. He specifically recommends the Omega MM900HDS for juicing celery.

Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Masticating Juicer

But why celery, and what makes this juicer ideal for it?

Celery is loaded with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and sodium that support nerve health, blood pressure, digestion, and immunity. It contains something called sodium cluster salts that help flush toxins. Celery juice also has unique undiscovered sodium compounds that support adrenal glands and neurotransmitters.

However, celery is notoriously stringy and tricky to juice compared to fruits and soft veggies. Many juicers have trouble effectively breaking down celery without clogging or jamming.

This is where the Omega MM900HDS shines. It has two features optimized for celery:

1) Slow Masticating Technology

This juicer uses a single auger gear to crush and press produce through a juicing screen. It operates at a very slow speed of just 80 RPMs.

The slow crushing motion allows time for the celery fibers to fully break down and release their liquid. Fast juicers can’t properly handle celery before ejecting the pulp.

2) Adjustable Celery End Cap

The Omega MM900HDS comes with two end caps. One is specifically designed for celery juicing.

This end cap allows you to dial in just the right amount of pressure against the juicing screen. The added pressure squeezes every last drop of moisture from the pulverized celery.

The end result? You get the MAX yield and nutrients from your celery with no clogs or jams.

Let’s see how well it performs in an actual test.

Hands-On Juicing Test

To put the Omega MM900HDS to the test, I juiced three large bunches of organic celery stalks. That’s 24 individual stalks in total, roughly 2 lbs of celery.

I chopped the ends off each stalk then fed them into the machine. Juicing the entire batch took about 5 minutes total.

Here were my results:

  • Yield: 1 quart (32 oz) of pure celery juice.
  • Pulp: Came out nearly dry, indicating high juice extraction.
  • Taste: Fresh, clean celery flavor. Minimally foamy.
  • Cleanup: Rinsed the parts right after juicing, before any residue dried. Took 3 minutes to wash screens.

I was impressed by how much bright green nutrient-dense juice this machine extracted! And there was no clogging or jamming mid-juice.

Based on this test, the Omega MM900HDS definitely lives up to its reputation for celery juicing. I’m a convert and plan to enjoy fresh celery juice every morning.

But how does it handle other types of fruits and veggies? Let’s find out.

Testing Other Produce

big bowl of fruit and green vegetables on a kitchen table 4

While celery may be its superpower, I wanted to try out the Omega juicer with some other common juicing ingredients:

Apples – Chopped 2 medium apples into chunks with the core removed. Juiced in seconds with no issues. Produced 1 cup of sweet apple juice.

Carrots – Shredded 3 large carrots. Took a bit longer than the apples but extracted 3/4 cup of bright orange juice. Very dry pulp.

Kale – Juiced 2 big handfuls of torn kale leaves. Yielded 1/2 cup of dark green juice.

Ginger – Juiced a 3 inch knob of ginger. Required some pressure on the pusher but produced 2 ounces of potent ginger juice.

Oranges – Juiced 3 medium oranges peeled. Got 3/4 cup of orange juice with just a touch of pulp.

Pineapple – Cubed 1 cup of pineapple chunks. Result was 3/4 cup juice.

Overall the Omega handled all the produce without issues. Keep in mind this is a masticating juicer, meaning it crushes and presses produce to extract juice. So fruits and veggies should be chopped into smaller pieces first.

While not as fast as a centrifugal juicer, I was satisfied with the juice output versus time spent prepping and juicing. And clean-up took less than 5 minutes after each use rinsing and scrubbing the parts.

Next let’s talk about what makes this juicer unique under the hood.

Triple-Stage Masticating Technology

The Omega MM900HDS uses a gear-like auger that rotates and crushes the produce against a juicing screen. The pulp remaining after extraction is ejected out one spout, while juice flows out the other.

This masticating process happens in three stages:

1. Crush – Produce is first crushed and ground as the auger presses it through small holes in the drum.

2. Mix – The ground-up produce is then mixed and squeezed under pressure to release the juice.

3. Separate – Finally, in the separation stage, the auger pushes out the bone-dry pulp while juice filters through the screen.

This slow process protects delicate nutrients and enzymes that are destroyed by the high speeds of centrifugal juicers. The result is a higher yield of juice that can be stored longer with minimal oxidation.

Unique Adjustable End Caps

Remember those two end caps this juicer comes with? Let’s talk specifics:

Celery End Cap

This is the specialty end cap meant for juicing celery. It allows you to dial in extra pressure which is needed to fully squeeze every last drop from celery’s tough cell walls.

The end cap has fine ribs that grip the juicing screen. You simply turn the dial on the end cap to increase pressure as needed when juicing celery.

Produce End Cap

This second end cap is used for all other types of fruits and veggies besides celery. It does not have the adjustable dial since most produce requires less pressure than celery.

The end caps are made from durable Ultem plastic and are easy to swap out based on what you are juicing. This optimizes the juice yield for different produce types.

Additional Juicer Features and Benefits

Here are a few other worthwhile features that provide added convenience:

  • Large Feed Chute – At 1.5 inches, you can add whole produce pieces reducing prep time.
  • Dual-Stage Juicing – Gets more nutrients by ejecting pulp then re-grinding it.
  • Reverse Direction – Prevents jamming by reversing auger rotation.
  • Auto Pulp Ejection – Keeps juicing continuously.
  • Built-in Handle – Makes moving the juicer easier.
  • Quiet Operation – At 60 decibels, won’t disturb others.
  • Powerful Motor – 200 watt motor provides durability.
  • Juice Tap – Lets you easily switch from juice to yield from same spout.
  • 15-Year Warranty – Covers parts and performance for over a decade. Gives peace of mind for an investment.

As you can see, the Omega MM900HDS has some well-thought-out design features both big and small. Next let’s talk about the all-important cleaning process.

Why Juice Your Greens and Veggies?

Before we dive into the details on the Omega MM900HDS juicer, let’s take a moment to talk about why you may want to add more homemade juices into your daily routine.

bowl of mixed greens

Juicing fruits and vegetables provides a mega-dose of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that support your health in many ways:

  • Immunity: Juicing peppers, citrus, leafy greens provides vitamin C and antioxidants to help your body fight infections.
  • Energy: Natural sugars and nutrients in produce give you sustained energy without the crash from coffee.
  • Glowing Skin: The nutrients in veggies like carrots and beets support healthy, vibrant skin.
  • Detox: Juices made from celery, lemon, ginger, etc help flush toxins from your system.
  • Heart Health: Potassium in veggies can help lower blood pressure and reduce stroke risk.
  • Joint Health: Anti-inflammatory compounds in produce can ease arthritis symptoms.
  • Digestion: Juices aid digestion and help maintain gut health and microbiome diversity.

The bottom line is juicing allows you to absorb far more nutrients in an easy, portable form compared to eating whole produce. It makes it simpler to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies, especially if you don’t enjoy eating salads or raw veggies.

How to Clean the Omega MM900HD Juicer

Cleaning any juicer properly is key not only for performance but also food safety. Here are some tips for cleaning the Omega MM900HDS:

  • Rinse parts immediately after juicing before residue dries and stains.
  • Soak tougher buildup in warm soapy water if needed.
  • Use the brush that comes with the juicer to scrub the fine screen mesh.
  • Knock off large pulp pieces with the plunger before rinsing.
  • Check the auger for stringy fibers like celery caught in crevices.
  • Let air dry on a towel. Do NOT submerge the motor base in water.
  • Reassemble when fully dry so parts don’t get misplaced.

Get in the habit of a quick rinse right after juicing, and cleaning takes just a couple minutes. The Omega is dishwasher safe on the top rack, but hand washing ensures the parts stay pristine.

Cost and Value of the Omega MM900HDS

With an MSRP of $399.99, the Omega MM900HDS sits at the higher end of the juicer price range. But when you break down the costs over the long run, it’s not a bad investment.

Let’s say you buy this juicer and use it daily for the next 5 years. That shakes out to around 27 cents per use. Pretty reasonable for a machine that improves your nutrition and health on a day-to-day basis.

And given the 15-year warranty, it’s built to last over a decade if cared for properly. Plus you’ll offset costs due to higher juice yields using less produce.

So while the Omega MM900HDS carries a bigger upfront price tag than a basic centrifugal juicer, keep the bigger picture in mind if you plan to juice daily.

Is the Omega MM900HDS Worth Buying?

Overall if you’re a serious juicer looking to drink fresh celery juice daily, the Omega MM900HDS is hands-down an excellent choice. This purpose-built celery juicing machine is a true workhorse that makes the process much easier.

Yes, there are cheaper juicers out there with more bells and whistles. But none can match the Omega’s juice yields, especially when it comes to celery. It’s an investment in supporting better nutrition and health.

Omega MM900HDS Juicer: Final Verdict

The bottom line after testing the Omega MM900HDS first-hand? This is clearly one of the best – if not the best – celery juicers on the market.

kitchen setting with a clean, wooden countertop

For under $400 you get commercial-grade performance specialized for juicing celery. The adjustable end caps and triple-stage masticating extract the MAX nutrients and juice from celery and other produce.

So if you want maximum celery juice yield with minimal fuss, the Omega MM900HDS won’t let you down. Yes, it takes more prep work and cleanup time than a centrifugal juicer. But you can’t argue with the results – this machine was made to juice celery like no other.

If that sounds like a dream come true, grab yourself an Omega MM900HDS – your body will thank you! Your mornings will brighten up with a glowing glass of mineral and antioxidant-rich celery juice flowing from this juicing powerhouse.

So ditch the store-bought juices loaded with preservatives and make the healthy switch to fresh, home-made juice with the Omega MM900HDS today. Your mind and body will rejoice!

Juicing Hacks and Tips

Here are some additional juicing tips I’ve picked up for getting the most from any masticating juicer:

  • Roll citrus fruits before juicing to maximize juice.
  • Juice softer fruits/veg first, then harder items like celery or carrots.
  • Try juice blends like apple-carrot-ginger for flavor.
  • Drink juice right after making or store in air-tight container in the fridge.
  • Freeze excess juice in ice cube trays for use in smoothies.
  • Use pulp in baked goods like zucchini bread or muffins.
  • Mix produce pieces for juicing instead of batches of single items.
  • Grow your own sprouts and microgreens to juice!

Omega MM900HDS Juicer FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Omega MM900HDS masticating juicer:

Some chopping and cutting of produce is needed, but the large feed chute minimizes prep time. Expect to spend 5-10 minutes prepping ingredients.

Around 5-7 minutes to create a 16 oz juice. It’s slower than centrifugal but protects nutrients.

Yes, the Omega MM900HDS handles wheatgrass, kale, spinach, and other greens well. May need to alternate with harder produce.

The adjustable end cap is for juicing celery. It provides extra pressure. The other end cap is for all other types of produce.

It’s recommended to rinse parts right after juicing before pulp residue dries. Takes just a few minutes to hand wash all parts with the included brush.

So there you have it – everything you need to know to decide if the Omega MM900HDS juicer belongs on your kitchen countertop! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy juicing!

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