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hurom juicers roundup

It is difficult to make a choice with heaps of juicers and mixers available in the market. So, picking out one suitable for your kitchen is a tough challenge to accept as nobody wants to waste their money on a useless product.

In this post, we have reviewed 5 best handpicked Hurom juicers from juicers available in abundance out in the market to make your task easier. This post also comprises of a comparison table, individual reviews, and an ultimate buying guide to reach out for the best one.

About the Company

Hurom juicers are the must have products for the healthy lifestyle lovers. Hurom commits in bettering nutritional and dietary habits of the users. Their cutting edge technology is not only the reason for their global sales but their innovation also promises to be the leading kitchen technology.

Their constant researchers and timely innovations make them a human-friendly technology. From the house of Hurom’s products, you will find their innovative juicers with an innovative technology that squeezes out the ingredients more thoroughly, preserving their natural taste and does not compromise on the natural ingredients.

Ranking the Hurom Juicers

Now let’s have an in-depth look at the we did on these high-end Hurom juicers.

#1. Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model

This one is the best considered juicer for domestic use which produces the finest and smoothest fruits and vegetables juices, soy milk and any other type of juices you can think of. This is the best juicer made in the house of Hurom to cater all your demands.

This fantastic juicer can become your best pal in summer season with its overwhelming beauty and productivity. But you might be wondering what this ‘slow juicer’ stands for? It means that due to its innovative technology it chops off the vegetables and fruits so well that maximum juice is extracted out and thus ensuring no wastage.

So, without any doubt, this can be considered as the best slow juicer.


This redesigned model comes with the technology of twin blade system to give out the optimum performance. Pulp lever is also included as a new technology making this juicer ideal for juice extraction.

Due to its quality and durability is the leading choice of the buyers. Remarkably this juicer comes with a self-clean technology which makes it cleaning more easy than other juicers.

It is also equipped with the patented technology SST or Slow Squeezing Technology by Humor which enables you to get the optimum amount of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables and gives you 35% more juice than other brands of the juicers.

Also, this juicer doesn’t produce any sound while in operation and due to its noiseless technology it is the first picked juicer by the buyers. It comes with only one drawback that it becomes weak when juicing out the juice from frozen vegetables and fruits.

Another interesting feature is that you can control the consistency and smoothness of the juice by customizing the lever position. Its technology is such that when the whole juice is extracted then only the pulp will be extracted out.

There is a safety lock system provided so that it can be kept out of the reach of children and unprofessional hands.

This juicer comes with special containers to collect juice and the pulp, 2 strainers for coarse and fine filtration, cleaning brushes, a hopper lid for dust free storage and an instructional manual.


It is given a streamlined body which becomes handy and easy to use. Its parts are such that it can be assembled easily and gives you a stylish and innovative juicer for your kitchen. Made up of stainless steel it becomes easy to clean and gives you a shiny look every time.

Overall this product is the best slow juicer available in the market with a little bit higher rate but it is well suitable for domestic purposes. Its motor warranty which is of 10 years and parts warranty which is of 2 years becomes an easy choice for the buyers.

For the best offer price on this juicer check Amazon.

#2. Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

If you are looking for a healthy change in your lifestyle then this juicer is the best choice.

These slow masticating juicers are efficient enough to run for a longer period of time as compared to other juicers which breaks down after few usages. This comes with maximum pros and minimal cons and thus makes it an ideal juicer to purchase.

This advanced machine is equipped with two stage juice extracting technology which ensures the maximum output of juice and minimal wastage of fruits and vegetables.


This product is technologized with SST or Slow Squeezing Technology which ensures maximum extraction of juice without losing its nutritional value especially Vitamin A and Vitamin C which is found in abundant value in fruits.

The juicer is built in such a way that cells of food are not disturbed in any way which helps in the retention of their necessary nutrients up to 4 times. The nutrients and vital minerals are preserved in the juice in such a way that juice becomes the powerhouse of energy and nutrition. The important enzymes of the fruits or vegetables are retained in the juice which helps in rejuvenation and revitalization of the body.

It’s latest technology is such that it can handle all the extractions of any kind of food like green leafy vegetables, baby products, fresh and dry fruits and eve soy milk. This machine will do everything for you.

Motor of this juicer is highly durable and comes with a 10 years of warranty. Extraction from this machine is so noiseless and effective that you can extract 35% more juice when compared with other brands’ juicers.

It runs at a speed of 80RPMs using 150 watts of energy, which means high speed juicing can be done. Another feature of its locking system between the juicing bowl and base of the juicer makes it more efficient to use.

It comes with a tough duty performing Ultem strainer which is 8 times stronger than those traditional plastics and it can handle any kind of food from coarse to fine.


It is a compact and small juicer which can fit in any type of kitchen without occupying larger space.

It is available in silver and black to match the theme of any kind of the kitchen.

Overall it is the fastest and self-feeding juicer available in the market which can reduce your work time to half. It is handy and easy to clean with simple assembling parts making it simpler in installation and with the reverse motor feature it becomes handier when things get stuck up.

Find out the best offer prices at Amazon on this juicer.

#3. Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Think of a juicer which can make smoothies for you as well. A juicer turned into a blender. Hard to digest? Read on and find more about this exciting model.

This juicer blender can does not only perform the rituals of juicing out the veggies and fruits but also allows you to juice out soy, peanuts and baby products. With the help of pulp controller, you can control the consistency of the pulp and can make smoothies with help of this feature.

If you are into making large quantities of juice then this is the best choice.

More than extracting juice you can make smoothies and nut butter. But don’t feed it with new things quickly as it may jam the parts of the juicer.


This is a vertical auger style juicer where its auger sits vertically on the base of the motor. With help of its improved technology of its cleaning brushes, it is easy to clean the juicer.

The magnetic juicing bowl allows the easy attachment and removal from the base.

The add-on technology of juice tap in this model helps in prevention of leakage of the juice and smoothies. Another improved technology in the pulp controller allows the user to completely shut off the pulp ejection which allows making soy and almond milk.

Remember these juicers are not dishwashers safe so you need to clean it by your own hands and scrub the juicing screen to remove off all the pulp. It’s noiseless technology allows you to use it without disturb anyone in the house.

It comes with a pretty efficient motor of 150 watts whereas those traditional motors come with 1000 watts.


It comes in a white handsome looking model. Not compact in size but can complement your kitchen in its own way. Its handle gives you the full access to move it across the counters, in and out of the cupboard, etc.

Overall this product is a good product to invest upon which will never disappoints you in the extraction of juice of vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, nuts, sauces, milks, marinades and even baby food. Don’t forget that this juicer is primarily a juicer and then a smoothies maker so there are chances that smoothies might not impress you much as much the juice would do. This juicer is recommended by many as some don’t compromise on the quality if they need to pay a little higher.

Durable and a long run machine which comes with a warranty of 10 years I motor and 2 years warranty for its parts.

For the best offer prices on this juicer check out Amazon.

#4. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

This production by Huron is revolutionary machinery which is equipped with patented SST which gently and quietly squeezes out the juice at 60% more rate than other juicers maintaining the nutritional value of the produce. The blade-less screw-like auger uses gravity to pull the ingredients and efficiently extracts out the juice rich in vital nutrients, tempting, delicious and rich in taste which rejuvenates and regenerates the every cell in our body.


This unique low-speed mechanism cold presses each and every drop of the extract from the ingredients produces 35% more than those traditional juicers.

Equipped with duplicate safety sensors it only works when all the chambers are properly closed. Fine and coarse juice screening is included in this machine to produce the best quality juice for you. The availability of two types of strainers is for the versatility in the food products. Use the coarse strainer for soft ingredients and fine strainer for the hard ingredients.

You simply need to cut out the anything in the machine and it will automatically separate the pulp from the liquid. Just allow the machine to work on its own to avoid unnecessary jamming.

Again these HO juicers are also not dishwasher safe and needs to be clean by your own hands. Just close the juice top after filling it with water and turn the pump controller to self-clean mode and see the magic. On cleaning out the parts just wash them with hot and soapy water and let them dry before assembling to avoid dirt to stick on it.

This juicer can also produce juice from hard and soft ingredients.

Leafy vegetables, broccoli, sweet potato, citrus fruits, apple, cucumber, beets, carrot, ginger, Yukon, bitter gourd, pepper, fennel, spring onion, puree from mango, papaya, melon, kiwi, pomegranate, avocado, tomato, strawberry, grapes, blackberry, peach, etc. this all can be juiced out from this juicer.

Also, you can produce soy and almond milk too.


This one is the pleasure for all your 6 senses. Compact sleekly designed and well-fitting in the space of your kitchen with a decorative counter top it will compliment your kitchen well. Available in 3 variants: ivory, white, and wine. These 3 shades can go with any type of décor in the kitchen.

Overall you can rely on this product, slightly expensive one but it features gives its justification. Easy installation and easy cleaning this juicer is quite handy. It is a noiseless machine which lets you work without disturbing anyone with those irritating sounds produced by the other traditional juicers.

Hurom HO juicers yields high quality of juice with the help of its SST it crushes down the ingredients and results in a highly rich colored and delicious juice for you to start a healthy lifestyle. With a 2 years warranty for its parts and 10 years warranty for its motor, this juicer is an excellent machine to invest upon. It is worth every single penny.

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Ultimate buying guide: How to choose a best juicer

​Today’s lifestyle is such that everybody hits for a healthy living, everyone is conscious about their health. Juices are a one short and simple way to achieve the first step of a healthy living. But what if you don’t have a good juicer? How will you make that delicious and rich colored liquid to delight your body with?

So, here is my ultimate buying guide when going to purchase for a new juicer. I’ve done a deep research in juicers just for your convenience. I hope this might help you. So, let’s not waste out time and directly move towards my guide.

Types of juicers

Before we move on to the features of the juicer lets first understand the types of juicers available in the market.

Majorly there are three types of juicers available- centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers and twin gear juicers.

Centrifugal juicers

​These types of juicers are also knows as the high-speed juicers. They only have a one stage processing, i.e. grinding. Its motor revolves up to a speed of 15,000RPM. Now, that is something fast enough to kill an apple in few seconds. But its drawback is that it destroys some vital nutrients in its fast process of extraction resulting in the shorter life shelf of the juice.

Some centrifugal juicers costs higher like around $400, with this much investment you can choose the masticating juicer for yourself.

Masticating juicers

​These juicers are also knows as the slow juicers or the cold press juicers. It crushes the ingredient into tiny bits with the help of its dual-stage juice extraction process. This modern technology squeezes out the pulp against the juicing screening.

The juice extraction speed is quite slow as compared to the centrifugal juicers which is 40-80RPM. But it keeps the nutrients intact and makes the life shelf of the juice up to 72 hours. Further, these types of juicers have two designs- vertical and horizontal.

Vertical one is compact and recommended for those who are running low on space in their kitchen.

Horizontal is recommended for those who have no worries regarding the space as they occupy comparatively larger space than that of vertical.

Twin gear juicers

Also known as the triturating juicers which can be classified as slow or cold press juicers. It uses a 3 stage juice extraction process which runs at a power of 82-110RPM. It is very similar to the horizontal masticating juicers in designing. As the name suggests they have dual gear which makes it more efficient for the extraction of the wheatgrass and pine tree needles. Juices extracted from this juicer can also last up to 72 hours.

What is the cold press in juicers?

These juicers don’t produce heat this is the reason that this word cold press is included in both masticating juicers and twin gear juicers. All slow juicers come with slower RPM as these type juicers provide nutritional extraction and there will be minimum oxidation as well.

To conclude, these types of juicers, especially the cold press juicers keep intact the nutritional value of the juice and you can even make soy and almond milk with it but price factor should be kept in your mind always.

There are two more types of juicers which are less popular one. Namely, the functional juicers and the hydraulic juicers.

Functional juicers

These types of juicer serve only one purpose citrus squeezing and wheatgrass extraction. For the extraction of smaller amount of citrus fruits a handheld squeezer can play the role and for the larger amount of extraction electric squeezers can come to handy. Wheatgrass juicers are horizontal in designing. Its RPM can be calculated according to your effort.

Hydraulic juice press

This one is the most difficult to use and maintain. One of the most unconventional juicers which has a hydraulic jack like the jack which is used for lifting cars. Nobody prefers to buy this type of juicer because of its difficult usage but the juice quality is whole lot better than any other juicer available in the market. Every electronic juicer will fail but this will come to your rescue every time.

What all to look for in a juicer?


Juicers which consume your time in juicing out your favorite ingredients are the most efficient juicers. Less expensive juicers are also considered as the efficient juicers. So you must invest in a premium quality juice for better results.

Easy to clean

Juicers without pulp ejectors are difficult to clean. You should invest in that juicer which has the technology of self-cleaning. As it is useless to buy that machinery which consumes your lot of effort and time to clean them.

Easy usage

Juicers with lesser parts and with the ability to gulp in the maximum ingredients are the best juicers to invest upon. Compact juicers are easier to use than the horizontal juicers and also they occupy less space.

Nutrient retention

Juicers with lower RPM have the greater value of nutrient retention and juices extracted out of them have long shelf life of 72 hours. Whereas other juicers like the centrifugal one have shelf life of 24 hours only.

Ejection of pulp

It is useless to invest on those juicers which don’t have pulp ejectors. As a pulp, ejector saves you from stopping of your machinery constantly and cleaning it out again and again. Hence, you will be able to save a lot on time while using this juicer.

Feeding size of tube

The juicer you select should be bigger enough to consume a whole apple at once so that it saves your time in chopping it to smaller pieces and making your hassle for cutting vegetables none to less.


Juicers should be noiseless so that the whole house doesn’t get affected by its noise. Nobody likes to invest in those noise making machines. So go for those juicers which doesn’t even make you realize that you are using them. All and all, as compared to other juicers, this one is unbeatable when it comes to making less noise.

BPA content

Bisphenol A is the most dangerous content found in plastic which can even cause cancer. So it is advisable to pick a BPA free product.


Just make sure to check the terms and conditions of the warranty provided by the company well. Don’t compare the warranties and waste your time as for twin gear and masticating juicers 15 years is the warranty provided and for centrifugal only 1 year of warranty is provided.


A juicer shouldn’t cost you to your kidney. A god quality juicer comes in between $180-$400. But if you have a higher budget you can go with triturating juicer which is stainless steel.


Now as you know for the types of juicers available in the market and what you should look into for a juicer while buying, you can make the best choice for you now.

Happy shopping!

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