My name is Annie Micheaux and this is a bit of a passion project for me.

Annie Micheaux of juicerinfozone

Juicer Info Zone is a nice mix of health/fitness articles that support reviews and “best of” articles that help consumers choose and buy a blender/juicer that meets their objectives. We rely only on traffic that arrives from search engine listings.

We do not engage in paid traffic generation or redirected nonsense. Our emphasis is on building long-term relationships with juicing enthusiasts.

I made this website to describe what a family can expect to get out of a juicing lifestyle. You’ll be able to read all my recipes and learn to create your own with ease.

Help to Pick Out a Great Juicer

And, if you haven’t yet figured out what equipment makes sense for you, there are a good number of no-nonsense guides to help you learn how to choose wisely.

I’m willing to make recommendations when I can, but there are so many questions to ask first, so expect more of an interactive process and enjoy knowing that you’ll definitely make the best long-term choice if we walk though the options slowly.

Knowing that some readers just want a quick list of the best juicers, I’ve done a few roundups that will help you pick in broad categories.

But there’s a pretty good chance that your juicing routine is going to look dramatically different from Day One to Day 120, so I’ll still suggest reading a good bit of my guides before you hit the buy button.

The Rewards of Juicing

My husband and I started juicing as a way to get more concentrated fruits and vegetables into our diets. Our careers were just taking off and we didn’t feel that we had enough time to plan healthy meals anymore. The number of fast food visits was creeping up quickly on us, and so were the extra pounds of fat that goes with it.

We had just enough time to start juicing and get the pounds off before Baby Number 1 was percolating. When all my nesting hormones kicked in, I began to learn that we could use the right kind of juicer to go way beyond morning smoothies! I found recipes for fresh baby food and more.

It took us quite a while (and A LOT of mistakes) but our juicer now is really a professional food processor that we use constantly. I’m nearly done losing the weight after Baby Number 3 and all of us consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables without the misery of having to eat the same things over and over.

We are, I’m happy to say, a fit and active young family with excellent day to day health. If that makes me a bit of a juicing zealot, well, it is what it is. I have seen enough of increasingly overweight kids and parents to understand that all the effort we have put into this will pay dividends for the decades to come.

I admit to a fair amount of pride that my kids crave kale chips over Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and it would make me happy if that turns out to be the way your family embraces a healthy lifestyle, too.