Nutribullet vs Vitamix: Which One Wins?

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So we have compared Nutribullet vs Vitamix. But when it comes to juicers, how does one really choose?

Picking the right kind of juicer is essential so you can maximize the nutrients you get from your fruits and vegetables.​

These two names stand out from the rest, and you can start by taking a look at how they fare against each other:​

Review of: NutriBullet

Use: The Choice of sport people around the world for all their simple juicing needs


Great for simple juicing tasks, use very durable and reliable even after years of use.


Ver well priced and one aspect why its so popular amongst users.

Ease of use

Easy to use, basically a plug and go system with very little complication in its working


1 year warranty standard on all models

We Like:

  • Trusted by Thousands of people accross the world
  • Safe and reliable after extensive use
  • BPA free and Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean all the parts
  • 4 Cups that can be drinked out of striaght after juicing

We dislike:

  • For peole looking for a heavy duty juicer this might not be the option
  • HadCompared to other juicers it has limitations when looking at fountain models available.

Summary: If you are looking for a well know, trusted and well priced juicer the NutriBullet is the juicer you want. Its a good-looking appliance that can be left out to start conversations around when people come to visit.​

What Sets It Apart

NutriBullet is all about Nutrient Extraction, which focuses on the amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you are able to get with every food processing session. Unlike other blenders and even juicers, NutriBullet maximizes the entire fruit, vegetable, nut, or seed and breaks down their cell walls, including the seeds, fiber, skin and even pulp. NutriBullet knows that these are all beneficial, but these are broken down for you in a form that’s easy to digest and absorb.​

Main Features

NutriBullet has several models to choose from, but each of them exhibit the main features and benefits that you get from the brand. When you buy a NutriBullet, this is what you’re getting:

  • Bullet cyclonic action

NutriBullet works with a powerful motor and specialized blades, processing the food with a cyclonic action that helps you get the most out of it. What the cyclonic action basically does is that it breaks down, pulverizes, and emulsifies whatever plant food you put in there, transforming it into liquid fuel that you can now access all day long.

  • Powerful motor and blades

To give you healthy and nutritious drinks that will allow you to fight disease and take your first steps to a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, younger-looking skin, and a rejuvenated self, NutriBullet comes with a high-torque power base as well as sharp and powerful blades. These work together to break down ingredients no matter how tough, unlocking the nutrition that is usually hidden inside. Skins are shredded, seeds are busted open, stems are cracked, and even your toughest vegetables don’t stand a chance. With its capacity to shred, blend, grind, and chop, you get food in the most absorbable state.

  • Efficient design

NutriBullet doesn’t take that much space from your countertop, and you can plug it on any standard outlet. It has a unique Extractor Blade that can twist directly onto all your NutriBullet cups. Once you’re done extracting, you can drink from the same cup (it comes in 18, 24, 30, 32, and 45 oz cups depending on the model you get) and save yourself from additional cleaning.

  • Easy to use

There’s hardly any figuring out that you need to do when you use your NutriBullet, because it’s really so easy to use. All you need to do is fill the cup with all of your favorite foods, twist it in the NutriBullet, and let the powerful motor take care the rest. You have no pulp to clean up and no waste to throw down the drain because NutriBullet makes use of everything. When you’re done, you can just place all the cups at the top rack of the dishwasher and you’re done.

  • Recipe Book

Even if NutriBullet is quite easy to use by itself, the makers want you to get the most out of it and really start a lifestyle change. This is why when you purchase the NutriBullet models available, you get a free recipe book that gives you ideas on how to mix up ingredients and really get the most nutritional benefit out of it. With these power-boosting recipes, you can really maximize your use of NutriBullet and make a different kind of juice every single day to power you through.​

Most Popular Models

NutriBullet nutrient extractors are highly accessible and quite affordable. You don’t have to spend so much money just to get the most out of your fresh fruits and vegetables, because NutriBullet has you covered. For below $100, you can already begin your healthy lifestyle with these 3 popular models:​

  • Nutribullet 600 – At $79.99, the original NutriBullet has 600 watts of power, and is the most ideal if you’re just making juices for yourself. It comes in gray, blue and red, and has 18 oz and 24 oz cups. This allows you to put in around 5 servings of fruits and vegetables for every NutriBlast, and you also get a 50+ page book along with it.​
  • NutriBullet Pro 900 Series – If you want to take it a step further you can go for the 900-watt version, which costs $99.99 and includes a 130+ page book. This has a high-torque power base that allows you to process about 7 servings of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains per NutriBlast. This is more ideal if you want to make more servings all at once, because it comes with 18 oz, 24 oz and 32 oz cups, as well as a flip top to-go lid so you can bring the juice with you wherever you go.​
  • NutriBullet Rx – Chefs and homemakers will prefer the best in class out of all Nutrient Extractors: this 1700-watt motor gives you the ability to not only extract nutrients from 12 servings of fruits and vegetables, but also make hot soups and sauces with its heating cycle. When you activate the soup-making mode, all you have to do is wait for the 7-minute heating cycle to create nutrient-extracted soups, beverages, and sauces that are piping hot. When you go for soup mode, you need to use the complementary SouperBlast Pitcher with 2-piece lid, which keeps heat and pressure while also allowing you to pour it out easily when it’s done. The best part of is that this comes with 30 oz and 45 oz cups, so everyone can share the nutrients with you. You get all this for $179.99, and you even get a 150+ page book as a bonus.

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What Sets It Apart

Vitamix is about improving the vitality of people’s lives and basically removing all boundaries and limits when it comes to conventional food and beverage preparation. Its professional-grade juicers give professionals results just as chefs would have it, and you access the same power from the comfort of your own kitchen. Because it’s commercial-grade you can process practically everything you want with it, and you can use it every single day.

Main Features

Vitamix is committed to give you a smart investment that’s truly worth your money, so it makes sure that all of its products have the following features that you can enjoy:

  • Simple and no-nonsense

Viamix believes in 1 container that allows you to do everything, instead of so many components that you need to keep track of. This allows you to make hundreds of recipes with just one simple container, and the best part of it is that just because it’s simple doesn’t mean you’re not flexible. You can make use of the automated programs, allowing you to choose from Smoothies, Forzen Desserts, Hot Soups, Purees, or a Cleaning Mode. However you can also manually adjust the blade speed and even make use of the pulse feature for a sudden power burst.

  • Built to last

When you put your food into Vitamix, it comes to contact with powerful blades that are made from aircraft-grade stainless steel. They always say sharper is better but in this case, not necessarily. With Vitamix blades you get blunt edges but prongs that have been hardened and carefully laser cut at a specific angle. Together, they can slice and pulverize like no other. Even the Vitamix container creates a uniquely controlled vortex, which folds the ingredients back to the blades for an even smoother blend. To ensure that what you have is durable and will last you a long time, the motor is made to maintain an even torque as well as a cool temperature, preventing cases of overheating. Even the full warranty gives you 5 to 7 years of protection.

  • Processes even the most stubborn blends

Other juicers give you the problem of having to deal with thick and stubborn ingredients, forcing you to pause in the middle of it to scrape off what is not processed. With Vitamix you also get a tamper, and this tamper allows you to process even the most stubborn of blends without having to stop every so often. This means you get what you want in no time at all, because all you have to do is use the tamper to ensure continuous processing.

  • Versatile and flexible

Vitamix allows you precision of texture when processing your favorite foods. This means that yes, you can do whole-food juicing for the smoothest texture with maximum nutrients. But you can also do pureeing, grinding, and even chopping, allowing you to make this whole range with only one device: juices, purees, smoothies, milks, nut butters, soups, dips & spreads, dressings, frozen desserts, batters, dough, and flours. You can also use it for food preparation.

  • Self-cleaning

Perhaps one of the best features of any Vitamix is the fact that it can clean itself. Other juicers and extractors would need you to disassemble the parts in order to clean it and make it ready for another use, but not with Vitamix. With Vitamix you just need to pour warm water and liquid soap inside, then press the button for cleaning mode. This gives you utmost convenience and frees up your time to do other things.

Most Popular Models

There are so many models under the Vitamix line, and while each of them have the same Vitamix benefits and high quality stamp, you can still take a look at their differences and decide what works better for your lifestyle. These are the different types of Vitamix series:


For an affordable price, you already get restaurant-quality juices and smoothies from the comfort of your home. The personal blenders of Vitamix are less than 15 centimeters in width, so you can place it in your kitchen countertop with no extra hassle. It comes with 0.6 liter and 1.2 liter containers, giving you small batches of blends.


The most popular of the S-Series is the Vitamix S30, which you can get for a really affordable price. This is ideal for those who want to start living healthier and getting the most out of the natural goodness found in food. The small container and capacity is perfect if you’re living alone (0.6 L) or making juices made for two (1.2 L).

The C-series allows for more versatility because of increased capacity and functionality. With a C-series blender you get a bigger batch size (as much as 2.0 liters), so it’s ideal if you want to make more at a time. While the S-Series is most useful if you’re just blending for yourself, the C-Series is a lifesaver if you want to involve your entire family in this lifestyle change.

The Total Nutrition Center is the most popular model in the C-series. At $995 you can process 2.0 liters worth of whole foods with 10 variable speeds. This gives you maximum control and more flexibility in blending eve more ingredients.

The G-series on the other hand gives you a collection of next-generation blenders that have even more powerful motors. The 2.2 HP motor that you get is unthinkable for most household devices, because you only usually see this power in commercial kitchens. You get the same 2.0-liter capacity but in a low-profile container, which means you can easily fit your blender under your kitchen cabinet.

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The Professional Series 750 for instance has 5 pre-programmed settings including the cleaning mode, but the 2.2 HP motor also comes with the latest sound technology, making it the quietest motor you can have for that amount of power. At $1,495, you can whip up restaurant-style dishes in your own kitchen. This is ideal for those who love cooking and experimenting, and even for chefs who want to cook for their families at home. If you’re fond of entertaining in large batches, this could also be the series for you.

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