Cuisinart CJE-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor Review

cuisinart cje-1000 juice extractor

Mmmm. Freshly made juice can even turn the not so health-concientious person into a completely creative juicing fanatic. Creating a mixture of juices to drink throughout the day, adding all your home grown vitamins straight from the source.

As the focus moves more to natural living, juicing your own fruit is a must. If you are seriously looking for a REAL value for money item, this CJ-31000 model is what you are really looking to cater for all your juicing needs.

But What if I am an Experienced Juicer?

Cuisinart has taken all types off users in mind when creating the CJ-31000 5 speed juicer.

Experienced juicers have to acknowledge it’s full powered easy to use system and the newbie juicers smile and relax as they realize the Cuisinart Juice Extractor is fun and easy to use and looks like a professional’s appliance

Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor has a wide variety of features that make it one of the most top notch juicers you could find. The Best feature is the size of the Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor .

It measure approximately 15-2/5 by 11-4/5 by 19 inches. It also weights 9 pounds. It’s big, powerful, yet looks so SEXY. With all this power under the hood it makes child’s play of any fruit or veg.It measures approximately 15

You Had Me at Hello, But Let’s Talk Features


The Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor comes with a 2 liter pulp container, 1- quart juice pitcher with a cleaning brush. This specific model has a much larger pitcher, thus you can keep on juicing without having to find a new container or pitcher in the midst of battle.

The CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor has a large 3 inch feeding chute that allows you to add whole fruits with ease and comfort. This means no more time wasted on chopping fruit and veg into small pieces to feed into the machine. Unfortunately you would still have to cut the really Larger vegetables and fruits such as bell peppers.

Whilst other juicers are very noisy, the Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor is one of the quietest in its class. Despite having 5 speeds to juice slow or fast, you can now do whilst your love ones are still fast asleep. with a blue LED light ring you can even work in the darkest of settings.

Make Juicing a fun time family affair with one of the best products on the  market.

Cuisinart Juicer Machine, Die-Cast Juice Extractor for Vegetables, Lemons, Oranges & More, CJE-1000
Cuisinart Juicer Machine, Die-Cast Juice Extractor for Vegetables, Lemons, Oranges & More, CJE-1000

The Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor is a 1000-watt 5-speed juice extractor that comes with a large 3-inch feeding chute, a control dial with a blue LED light ring, an anti-drip adjustable flow spout, and an easy unlock and lift system.

It also includes a foam-reducing filter basket, a die-cast and stainless-steel housing, and dishwasher-safe parts.

  • 1000-watt 5-speed juice extractor with large 3-inch feeding chute
  • Control dial with blue LED light ring; anti-drip adjustable flow spout; easy unlock and lift system
  • Foam-reducing filter basket; die-cast and stainless-steel housing; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Includes 2-liter pulp container, 1-quart juice pitcher, and cleaning brush
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
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I have issues with my current juicer, does Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor create excessive foam on top of the juice?

Juice unlike beer should not have a thick layer of foam on top of it. Most of the juicers on the market can make juice, but you always have to work your way through a thick layer of foam to get to the delicious part of the experience.

Getting a foamless drink straight from the juicer is what Cuisinart was after, as they realized the frustration that customers has gone through in the past, and with the CJ3-1000 5 speed model, this has become a reality

fresh juice at home

Juicing with the Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor is easy,effortless and quick. From the fact that the item is light weight, sexy looking and can hold a large amount of juice. To the fact that it can take on large fruits and vegetables without a blink and that it’s easy to clean and quiet as a dark while in use makes the Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor a wonderful addition to any family’s home. 

Cuisinart CJ3-1000 5 Speed Juice Extractor

This is a great value for money juicer because:

  • 1000 watts of power
  • Stainless steel instead of plastic with some other products
  • 5 speed setting
  • Quietest motor on the market

The Good Stuff:

  • Great price compared to market
  • 1000 watts and 5 speed
  • Quietest motor on a juicer

The Bad Stuff:

  • Filter design issue
  • May be difficult to wash in smaller basins

Start Juicing the Way you deserve to!!

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