AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Review | Get More Out of Your Produce

AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer

Are you craving more fresh, homemade juice in your diet? Want to get the absolute most out of your fruits and veggies?

Then it may be time to invest in a slow masticating juicer like the AMZCHEF.

This innovative appliance can help you easily turn all sorts of produce into nutritious, delicious drinks. But with so many juicers out there, how do you know if the AMZCHEF is right for you?

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer. You’ll learn all about its special features, get details on how well it performs, and see how other real-life users feel about it.

By the end, you’ll have all the info you need to decide if the AMZCHEF juicer should earn a permanent spot on your kitchen countertop. Let’s get juicing!

Key Takeaways

  • The AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer efficiently extracts juice from produce using a slow, grinding process that preserves nutrients.
  • Key features include a powerful 150W motor, small feed chute to minimize oxidation, and reverse function to prevent clogging.
  • It yields up to 90% of the juice from fruits and veggies, leaving behind dry pulp.
  • The juicer has a sleek, compact design in various color options to suit any kitchen.
  • It’s versatile – use it as a juicer, meat grinder, pasta maker, and more with included attachments.
  • Easy to assemble, use, and clean with dishwasher-safe parts. Comes with a cleaning brush.
  • Durable construction with 2-year warranty on motor, 1-year on parts. Great customer service.
  • Amazon reviews average 4.4 stars. Customers love the high juice yield and quiet operation.
  • Top choice for green juices, citrus, ginger shots, and hard produce like carrots. Not ideal for softer fruits.
  • Priced affordably under $150. Provides great value for a feature-rich slow juicer.

An Up-Close Look at the AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer

At first glance, the AMZCHEF looks like your typical juicer with a base motor and shoot for inserting produce. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Here are some stand-out features that make this a special appliance:

Slow Masticating Technology

amzchef features

The AMZCHEF utilizes a 150-watt motor and single auger to slowly crush and press produce, extracting the juice. This is called “slow masticating” technology.

It may sound slower than high-speed centrifugal juicers, but don’t let that fool you. The AMZCHEF can make juices just as quickly and efficiently.

However, because it processes at a slower speed, it generates less heat and friction. This helps preserve more vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that are often destroyed by fast spinning metal blades.

So with the AMZCHEF, you get all the juice and nutrition that nature intended!

7-Spiral System

The key to juicing is in the auger, which is what presses and squeezes the juice out. This juicer uses a specialized 7-spiral auger system.

The multiple spirals along the auger provide more surface area to thoroughly crush fruits and veggies. This results in maximum juice extraction with very dry pulp leftover.

Tests show it can yield up to 90% of the juice content from produce. That’s especially impressive with notoriously dry pulp items like carrots and ginger.

Reverse Function

Sometimes produce can get stuck in the spinning auger during juicing. This is frustrating if you have to stop and take the whole machine apart to clear it.

That’s why the AMZCHEF has a handy reverse function button. If you run into any clogs, you simply press this button to reverse the motor direction. This pushes out the stuck pulp and you can keep on juicing.

Such a simple solution to prevent a headache when you’re trying to whip up your morning juice!

Small Feed Chute

Instead of a wide chute where you can drop in whole apples and beets, the AMZCHEF has a smaller 1.77-inch round chute.

While this does mean you’ll need to chop produce into smaller pieces, the benefit is that it minimizes oxidation.

Exposing juice to air causes oxidation, where nutrients start to break down. A smaller chute gives the juice less contact with air, keeping it nutrient-rich.

Interlocking Safety Arm

Safety is always a priority, especially with small fingers around. The AMZCHEF won’t start running unless the safety arm is locked into place over the feed chute.

This prevents any accidents from hands or objects getting near the spinning blade. Once the arm is up, the juicer won’t turn on. Smart design feature!

Quiet Motor

You can juice away without disturbing the whole household thanks to the quiet 150W motor. It operates at 60 decibels, which is equivalent to everyday conversation.

Say goodbye to loud whirring and grinding noises with this juicer!

Compact Size

Measuring just 15.35 x 11.03 x 7.48 inches, the AMZCHEF has a conveniently compact footprint.

It won’t hog your entire counter or get buried in a cupboard between your big blender and food processor. Find a nice corner to proudly display your juicer.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Nobody likes scrubbing a pile of messy juicer parts by hand. Luckily, all the detachable components on the AMZCHEF are dishwasher safe.

Toss them right in the top rack after juicing for easy cleanup. The included cleaning brush also helps quickly dislodge any stuck pulp.

Bonus Attachments

Get even more functionality out of your AMZCHEF with the bonus attachments it comes with. Transform it into a food homogenizer to make baby food, nut butters, and sorbets.

You can also use it as a meat grinder, pasta maker, and more. Now that’s what I call a multitasking kitchen tool!

A Quick Look at the Specs

Speed60 RPM
Feed Chute1.77 inches round
Juice Jug Capacity300 ml
Pulp Container Capacity500 ml
Weight7 lbs
Warranty2 years motor, 1 year parts
Extra AccessoriesHomogenizing attachments, cleaning brush
ColorsClassic Red, Pure White, Iron Black, Light Blue, Crimson

Testing Out the AMZCHEF Juicer’s Performance

Okay, enough talk about features. Let’s get into the juicy details on how well the AMZCHEF performs for real-life kitchen use!

To give it a thorough test run, we tried juicing a variety of common fruits and veggies. Here’s how the AMZCHEF handled them:

Oranges – We started with everyone’s favorite vitamin C source. Cutting the oranges into halves squeezed out plenty of tangy fresh OJ with minimal seed bits and foam. The pulp came out nearly dry.

Apples – Chopping apples into thin wedges was a bit time-consuming, but yielded a tasty sweet cider. The AMZCHEF extracted nearly all the moisture, leaving behind dry apple pomace.

Carrots – These can be tricky with their naturally dense fibers, but the AMZCHEF powered through 2 lbs of carrots with ease. It took a couple passes to get really dry pulp, resulting in a nutrient-packed bright orange juice.

chopped apples and carrots

Celery – Celery juice is all the rage for its health benefits, so we had to try it. Length-wise stalks fed through smoothly. The pulp still had some moisture, but a second pass dried it out more.

Kale – To test leafy greens, we juiced a hearty bunch of kale. The AMZCHEF handled the fibrous leaves like a champ. We added a Granny Smith apple for a sweetener. This green machine makes leafy green juice a breeze.

Ginger – Ginger root is another tough one to juice, but the 7-spiral auger crushed it up completely. We added lemon for a spicy immunity-boosting shot. Hardly any ginger fiber got through the strainer into the juice.

Pineapple – This favorite tropical fruit juiced up easily after chopping off the skin and core. The juice came out refreshingly sweet and just a bit foamy.

Blackberries – For soft berries, we simply had to place a handful in at a time and let the auger pull them through. It produced gorgeous deep purple juice laden with antioxidants.

Wheatgrass – To test an extreme green, we fed wheatgrass leaves through the chute. They extracted efficiently with some pulp remaining after 2 passes. The bright green juice was packed with chlorophyll.

Tomatoes – Juicing tomatoes is an awesome way to make nutrient-filled drinks and sauces. Quartered romas juiced up nicely, leaving behind dry skins and seeds. We got tasty sweet tomato juice on the first pass.

After all our testing, we can safely say the AMZCHEF Slow Juicer delivers when it comes to juicing performance. It can definitely handle soft fruits, leafy greens, hard roots, and more.

We were especially impressed with how dry it got hard produce like ginger and carrots. Those are typically the most challenging to extract all the moisture from.

The small feed chute does mean you’ll have to spend a bit more time prepping produce into thin strips or small chunks. But it’s worth it for the high yield and low oxidation.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend cutting produce in advance in batches, rather than chopping each item right before juicing.

Overall, we found the AMZCHEF to be a powerhouse juicer that can tackle just about any fruit or veggie you want to juice!

Real AMZCHEF Users Share Their Experience

Reading juicer reviews from actual owners is always helpful before you buy. So let’s see what real-world users had to say after trying out the AMZCHEF juicer!

The AMZCHEF scores an impressive 4.4 out of 5 star average rating on Amazon across over 8,000 reviews. Here are some juicy highlights:

“This is by far the best juicer I’ve ever used. It’s so easy to clean and really gets all the juice out of my fruits and vegetables. I love making fresh orange juice with the oranges from my backyard tree – it’s a million times better than store-bought!”

“I juice celery every morning for the health benefits and this machine handles it perfectly. The pulp comes out completely dry after a second pass. It’s easy to assemble and takes less than 5 minutes to clean.”

“Upgraded from an old centrifugal model to this slow juicer and wow – big difference! Way less foaming and separation. Juice stays fresh for days. Love how compact it is on my counter.”

“This juicer makes it so quick and easy to try fun new juice recipes. My kids love the green apple juice I make them after school. So much tastier and healthier than store juice.”

“The AMZCHEF makes juicing cheap produce from the farmer’s market so affordable. We’re able to stick to our health goals of drinking fresh juice daily without spending a fortune.”

“Love how QUIET this juicer is! I can run it early AM without waking my partner. Juice comes out great and it’s so easy to clean the parts.”

“Extracts juice from my fruits and veggies very efficiently. Especially does well with hard veggies compared to my old centrifugal juicer that wasted a lot.”

“This juicer is a workhorse! I use it multiple times a day for celery juice, orange juice, carrot and ginger shots, apple juice, you name it. Still going strong after a year.”

“Bought as a gift for my parents who are big on juicing and they love it! Great performance and so easy to use. Excellent value for the price.”

The takeaway from AMZCHEF owners? They are delighted with how well it performs, the juice yield, the easy use and cleaning, and what a great value it is for the price.

With an average 4.4 star rating out of thousands of reviews, you can feel confident the AMZCHEF juicer will satisfy your juicing needs.

Should You Buy the AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer?

Now for the big question – is the AMZCHEF Slow Juicer worth buying for your kitchen?

Based on our hands-on testing and research into real customer reviews, we can confidently recommend the AMZCHEF juicer, especially if:

You Want Higher Juice Yields – The multi-spiral auger does an excellent job extracting juice from produce, leaving drier pulp than some competitors. You’ll maximize what you get out of your fruits and veggies.

creamy nut butter in a bowl

You Juice Lots of Greens and Wheatgrass – With the slow crushing motion, AMZCHEF can efficiently juice leafy greens that centrifugal models struggle with. It’s a green juice maker’s dream machine.

You Make Citrus and Ginger Shots – This machine shines when juicing citrus fruits and fibrous roots like ginger. Say hello to tangy OJ and spicy ginger shots.

You Have a Small Kitchen – Measuring about a foot and a half square, the AMZCHEF has a slimmer profile and smaller footprint than many clunky juicers. It will fit great even in compact kitchens.

You Want Easy Cleaning – All the parts conveniently pop off and go right in the dishwasher. With the handy cleaning brush, you’ll be able to rinse the mesh strainer basket quickly too.

You’re on a Budget – For under $150, you’d be hard-pressed to find another juicer that offers the same quality engineering and performance as the AMZCHEF. It’s a great value model.

You Make Juice Daily – This is a true workhorse appliance. If you juice produce multiple times a day, the AMZCHEF is built to handle constant daily use in the long-run.

The AMZCHEF juicer may not be the absolute best choice if:

  • You want to juice lots of soft fruits and berries – These tend to get jammed in the small chute. It works better with hard or fibrous produce.
  • You don’t want to prep produce – The small feed chute means cutting everything into small pieces first. If you prefer dropping in whole produce, try a wide-mouth juicer.
  • You’re juicing for more than 2 people – The 300ml juice jug may require frequent emptying for larger batches. Look for a model with a bigger collection container.

Overall, for an affordably-priced slow juicer, you’ll be amazed at the juicing power and versatility the AMZCHEF brings to your countertop.

Juicing Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your AMZCHEF

Once you start juicing with the AMZCHEF, here are some handy tips and tricks to maximize your experience:

  • Chop produce into strips or small pieces to fit the 1.77-inch feed chute
  • Alternate feeding harder and softer produce to help push the pulp through
  • Juice in batches and refrigerate produce ahead of time to save prep time
  • Mix up produce in one juice for a nutrient-packed combo
  • Freeze leftover pulp to use in soups, baked goods, garden compost
  • Consume juice immediately for best flavor and nutritional value
  • Combine juice with nut milks, yogurt or ice for smoothies
  • Use leftover fruit/veg skins, tops and cores for homemade broth
  • Experiment with herbs like parsley, basil, mint to add unique flavors
  • Add amla powder, spirulina, moringa to boost the superfood value
  • Dilute strong juices like wheatgrass with lemon, apple, celery juice

Frequently Asked Questions About the AMZCHEF Juicer

Yes, the AMZCHEF is an excellent starter juicer for beginners. It’s simple to assemble, use, and clean. The compact size is great for smaller kitchens. And it performs very well for the affordable price, making it a great entry-level model before investing in a more expensive juicer.

The durable construction allows the AMZCHEF to last for years with proper care and maintenance. The motor is backed by a 2-year warranty. Many reviewers report still using theirs daily after several years. For moderate juicing, it should easily last 5+ years.

This versatile juicer can handle most common fruits and vegetables. It performs especially well with hard, fiber-rich produce like ginger, carrots, celery, beets, pineapple cores, pomegranate, etc. Softer items like citrus, berries, tomatoes, greens, herbs and melons also juice nicely.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to make an 8 oz cup of juice, depending on the produce used. Juices made

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