5 Really Yummy Foods That Will Make You Look Younger!

delicious salmon dinner at a nice restaurant

Believe it or not, completely flawless skin is nowhere near as difficult to pull off as a lot of people are led to believe it to be.

In fact, you might not even have to use any weirdo (or expensive) skin care products to get the kind of blemish free and crystal clear complexion you’re after – especially if you focus on all of the inside information we’re able to share with you below.

Yes, this might sound a little crazy at first.

We get that.

All of the major cosmetic companies hammer you with advertising and marketing that tricks you into thinking that perfect skin is impossible without their products.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

All you have to do is corral your daily diet, add a couple of tasty (and inexpensive) super foods we outline below, and you’ll soon have the kind of super smooth and blemish free skin you’ve always wanted – all without any real extra effort whatsoever.

Delicious portion of fresh salmon fillet with aromatic herbs,

Fall in love with skin improving salmon

Salmon has always been regarded as a bit of a super food when it comes to protein sources, and folks looking to lose weight (and keep it off forever)

have been turning to salmon for some time now.

But salmon also has the ability to really improve your skin, all be adding essential oils, vitamins, and minerals into your body that are used to fuel the healthy regeneration of your skin.

potatoes and carrots

Sweet potatoes and carrots bring a lot to the table

Both of these vegetables are flooded with Vitamin A, a compound that is a major building block for healthy skin cells.

By adding more of these veggies to your diet you’ll be able to improve the health of your skin, build new healthy skin layers faster, and recover from blemishes with lightning like speed!

Watermelons and mangoes

Watermelons and mangoes are a great jump start in the morning

Not only will you feel a lot more energetic when you eat watermelon and mango in the morning, but you’ll also push more carotenoids into your body in the process.

This is going to protect you from UV light (the sun), help you repair wrinkled and aging skin a lot faster, and generally make your skin glow without any chemical compounds required.


Nature’s powerhouse aphrodisiac, oysters also have the ability to improve your skin dramatically – almost overnight!

High in zinc (more zinc per serving than almost any other food, for that matter), you’ll give your skin and hair everything it needs to look amazing. This is going to improve your skin health, make your hair shinier and longer, and even out your skins moisturizing levels as well.

Say goodbye to acne!

Snack on some dark chocolate

Snack on some dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has a tremendous amount of health boosting properties, and it is a powerful weight loss aid for folks that are looking to get in better shape in a hurry.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that they’re also able to improve their skin with dark chocolate as well. Flavanols in chocolate improve skin cell regeneration rates, which means your dead skin cells slough off all on their own to give you a beautiful glow (and top layer of healthy skin) every day!

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