Best Juicer Under $100 | You’ll Love These Starter Juicers
Best Juicer under $100, that actually work!!

So I guess you are here because you want to start this juicing thing, but what you are really looking for is for the best juicer under $100? Well that is a bit of a low budget and it has its limitations but I can show you where and how to go about to actually get Great value for your money.

Are you curious (or in a hurry)?

This juicer is on special and is the most popular with our readers.

The juicer above is worth far more than the price, and we can see by the response of our readers that it's the most popular choices on our list.

More than 5000+ positive reviews were recorder on this juicer alone, and of these 3400 are 5-star, so do we need to say more.

This Breville model does go higher than the $100 mark but there are specials on this model, so if you can get it below this mark I would buy it. (see prices, reviews and warranty that is on offer)

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Why are these Juicer so Inexpensive?

Well lets be honest, there is a difference in what you should be expecting from an entry level model versus a top of the range model that comes with a price tag.

  • They are not made from the same durable materials
  • They don't always yield the same amount of juice and may be wasting fruit
  • They are not as durable and thus don't always carry the same warranty as some higher priced products
  • Some of the brands available in this segment may not be known to everyone and thus may not have that same "trust" factor as the more expensive juicers.

Why would I buy a cheaper product?

Great question so I will let you decide by giving you the pro's and con's of these type of juicers and you make up your mind:


  • Affordable
  • Can test different type of Juicers
  • Can test new makes and models
  • When it breaks not a huge loss


  • May not be durable
  • Not have a high enough yield
  • May have to put in more manual effort to get same amount of juice
  • No/ very limited warranty on Purchase

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Different products available for you to purchase:

BLACK+DECKER JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup, Black

  • Although Black & Decker aren't know for Kitchen appliances, they do make quality equipment
  • Powered by 400watts, stainless steel blades and strainer
  • Large container for pulp
  • Custom cup makes poring juice easy
  • 2 year limited warranty

Now, the next option just made it onto the list as it came in just below, and can be classified as one of the best inexpensive juicers on the market.

Jack Lalanne's Juice Extractor 100th Anniversary Juicer Countertop Machine Slh90

  • This is an 800 watt monster of a machine
  • Dishwasher safe parts for ease of use and to clean
  • Stainless steel that passes the highest quality standards
  • Non-drip, extra large spout that can take almost any fruit and vegetable
  • 2-speed setting

Last but not at all least is the Best option when looking for a cheap Juicer, this one is made by a name synonymous with juicing and kitchenware.

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

  • 700 watt heavy duty fountain juicer
  • 14000 RPM to extract the most amount of juice
  • Big center feed tube of 3inches
  • Micro-mesh to hold the pulp away
  • Dishwasher safe part that are easy to remove
  • 1 year limited warranty

*Please note that the start rating on each of these products are based on the number of each product sold, reviews received and the fact that it falls within the price range. When these models are compared to more expensive options they will not be able to compete.

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Although a price tag of $100 is quite low when it comes to kitchenware in general, I believe that the options above are really solid and that even at these low price-points you still can't go wrong. If you are just starting out or maybe started a new diet, these are the perfect starters to get you used to working those fruits and vegs hard and into delicious tasting, mineral rich and fresh fluids.

I hope that you have found your best juicer under $100 and that you will keep on juicing for many years to come.

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