Omega NC800HDS Premium Juicer & Nutrition System Review

Omega NC800HDS Premium Juicer & Nutrition System

Okay so lets start by asking you: What have you heard about the Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer? Do you believe all the hype or are you looking for a review that will hit you with the facts straight out.

Below I have put it short and sweet so you know what to expect and if you need anything else, I have gone into some more detail below.

Review of: Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition centre

Use: Juicing larger Fruit and Veggies


Extra large Chute to feed larger pieces of fruit


It’s reasonable for what you get

Ease of use

Easy to use, may have a slight learning curve(see below)


15 years warranty offered on this model

We Like:

  • Dual stage masticating juicer
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Comes in Silver(very sleek!!)

We dislike:

  • Might be expensive for a beginner
  • Plunger size to push down fruit

Summary: This is an improved version of previous best selling models from Omega, so it has it advantages, dual masticating staging, can be set to actually replace some of the pulp back if that is what you like, after you extract the most amount of juice from the contents

You are still here, so let me get to the meaty part of the review and I hope that I show you why you should or shouldn’t invest in this kitchen tool.

My personal issue is to always find something that works like I need it to and then also fit with my style and taste, so Yeah it needs to look as good as it is!!

What you may have heard about this monster of a machine

This is a masticating juicer.

That it has a dual stage masticating feature.

juicing from Omega

​It has automatic pulp ejection for more juice from the fruit.

It has low speed to really get down to the tough pulp and extracting more fluids

That you can get in a sleek silver design so it looks beautiful in your designer kitchen.​

Well if you have known about this then you are well informed because all of it is true and are the main features of the product. Omega as a brand is well know in the juicing circles and have put a lot of effort not only into the design but also the sheer experience when using the NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center model.

Why is this model classified as a masticating juicer?

The word “masticating” is defined as the process to knead, grind or chew a substance into a pulp. When you chew you are masticating and what you are doing is just removing the fluid from the solids.

A masticating juicer does the above by a slow rotating action and there is no type of spinning or high speed involved, although most of the machines have a very high “watt” measured on the sales page, this is for power purposes and not speed.

This is how in a nutshell a masticating juicer works and gets the best amount of fluid from fruits and vegetables.

Why would I spend my money on this make and model?

I posted this exact same question to sales person at Omega. The NC800 and NC900 are basically the same, the only difference is the color that it comes in.

The differences between the NC800 and the j8006 (click to see review) is the larger chute so you can feed the machine bigger sliced fruits or even small whole fruits. This model also has an adjustable end-cap  that allows you fine tune the amount of pulp in your juice, as some of us like that in the juice as its more filling 🙂

The sales lady also stated that there may be a learning curve with the end-cap and to optimize it for the best juice-pulp ratio that suites your liking.

I have included both the NC800 model(above) and the NC900(below) that you can get a good impression of what you could expect even if you go for the NC900 model.

Is this model for advanced users only?

That is one amazing aspect of the Omega range, they create kitchen appliances that is easy to use but then have factors that more experienced users will enjoy and that adds that “WOW Factor” to their range and models that they produce.

With the NC800 model it has the awesome end-cap that may be a challenge to get just right for rookie juicers, as it allows you to put some of the pulp back after extracting the maximum amount of fluid from your ingredients.

What is the Warranty policy like for this Center Juicer?

Omega delivers some of the best warranties on the market, this speaks for the quality of their equipment and you can really buy with confidence. The NC800 & NC900 have 15 year warranties but you should note the following exclusion:


I have searched on a couple of forums related to juicing and I have found only a handful of people complaining of the consumables being an issue, or then breaking.


If you have used previous models that was sold by Omega and you are looking for the latest and greatest, then this is the one to get.

If you have never owned an Omega juicer, you can’t go wrong with the NC800. I might suggest that you look into some cheaper juicers under $100 if you are not sure if this juicing craze is for you or if you just want to wet your toes and see what all the fuss is about.

I truly hope that this Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer Review has given you everything you require to make an informed decision on the juicer you require.

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