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Vitamix 5300: Guide, Reviews and Compared to Other Models (2018)

You probably know about the high quality of Vitamix range of products.

This brand has many excellent blenders, and the Vitamix 5300 is one of the best. If you want to know EVERYTHING about it, then I invite you to read this page.

Because this is the most complete guide you will find on the internet!

I will show you everything about it along with recommendations on how to make the most out of this amazing model.

Moreover, I will show you how to get it for the best price in the internet.

So let me not waste anymore of your valuable time and let's look and the product at hand and how it measures up against some tough competition in the market.



Vitamix 5300 Review

Your time is valuable. I am here to help you find the best juicer for your needs. These are my top picks for 2017 (compare these 4 models here)


Let’s start with a quick and concise overview:


  • Highly Versatile. You can prepare smoothies, juices, milks, soups, dressings, dips and practically anything with this blender.
  • Outstanding Performance. It has got a powerful motor, yet it avoids over-heating.
  • Super Easy to Clean. It has to be one of the easiest-to-clean blenders in the market.
  • Highly Durable. If you are looking for a blender that lasts for many years, then the Vitamix 5​300 is what you need.
  • Low Profile Design. Its container is big yet it fits under most kitchen cabinets.


  • Can be more noisy than newer models
  • It doesn’t include instructional DVD and cookbook

Still have questions and doubts? Then worry not, because below you will find every single thing and detail about this blender.

Specs: What Do They Mean?

Now it’s time to get a bit more technical and review the specs of this product. And as you can tell, the specifications can be a bit confusing, but I will explain them to you in an easy-to-understand language, so you can understand why it is an excellent product.

Platform: C-Series – What Does It Mean?

The 5300 uses is part of the C-Series, and this group is composed by what are known as Classic Blenders.

vitamix_5300 blender

The most important aspects to remark are the following:

  • Larger batches. If you want to blend medium to large batches, then this type of blender is all you need.
  • ​Blades of aircraft-grade steel. These hardened and highly durable blades will bring you the best smoothies, juices, nut butters and practically anything you prepare with it.
  • ​Full metal drive system. It uses a 100% metal drive system to connect the motor base and container, this brings a better performance and makes it more durable.

The unique thing I want to add is that it beats most C-Series blenders when it comes to the container design.

It’s big yet it’s low-profile, which allows it to blend large batches and still fit under kitchen cabinets without problems.

The Blades:

In order to provide you a superior performance, the Vitamix 5300 is equipped with laser-cut aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. This allows you to obtain a perfect blend every time and prepare a wide myriad of foods from juices to butters and milks.

The Size:

Featuring a low-profile container design and 17.25 x 8.75 x 7.25 inches dimensions, it can handle medium and large blends without problems. Yet, its smart design allows you to put it under kitchen cabinets without problems.

Vitamix 5300 review

Thermal Protection:

Along with the full metal drive system, the thermal protection technology makes this product long-lasting and highly-durable.

It comes with a radial cooling fan that prevents over-heating, so you can use it without problems and make it last for several years to come.

Horsepower: 2.2 – Clarifying what does it mean

I said this blender was powerful, and it certainly is when you take into account it comes with 2.2 horsepower.

Although, we need to take something important into account in order to be totally honest: 2.2 is the peak.

How so? Well, first we have to check the electrical ratings of this blender:

  • ​120 volts
    120 volts
  • ​11,5 amps
    11,5 amps

By using Ohms law in order to obtain the wattage, we simply multiple 120 volts x 11.5 amps and we get that the Vitamix 5300 uses 1380 watts.

Finally, we get that 1380 watts equal 1.85061 horsepower. That’s the real power of this blender.

What’s the Difference?

Let’s make it easy: Peak horsepower (2.2) comes to be the initial power generated when the motor meets the resistance, shortly after that, it drops to the normal value of horsepower (1.85061).

Most blenders are advertised by using the peak horsepower, but now you know the difference.

I thought it was important to mention this in order to make this review as transparent as possible. Although 2.2 sounds better, 1.85061 is quite good. And this is something that many customers can vouch for.


This is what you need to know about the specifications of this blender.

 It’s powerful, highly-durable and very versatile, and I hope this straight-to-the-point explanation of the specs has allowed you to see the great potential of this blender.


Now let’s check what other people have to say about it by checking reviews from customers who are already enjoying the benefits of this excellent product.

Reviews from Customers: What People Say About It

It’s also important to check what other ​people have to say about this blender.

First off, it has an outstanding rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Moreover, 84% of the reviews rate it with 5 stars.

If you are the kind of persons who hates eating salads, then worry not, because thanks to the Vitamix 5300 you can blend them and drink them. Yes, as you read it. And that’s something that many customers point out.

If you are into detox diets or want to start one, then this blender will be your best friend.

"Perfect for Green Smoothies"

Some people seem to be contrarious to the idea of spending $500 on a blender, but once they try it they cannot imagine their lives without a Vitamix 5300. That’s what many customers state.

It’s perfect for any kind of preparation, and you really have to use it to prepare soups. They are easy, very healthy and super tasty. It will take you less than 10 minutes, even if you are a total beginner.

​"Totally Worth It"

It’s very powerful and that’s something that customers like to remark. This will allow you to blend nearly anything and prepare delicious nut butters, sorbets, pesto, salsa, etc. It’s also great for grinding coffee beans, so you can enjoy of a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want.

Although, in some special cases, the power may be a bit too much. For example, if you like soups with some little chunks of veggies in it, then you will have to use it with care and attention. Other than that, its superior powerful offers only benefits.

​​​​"Super Powerful"

It’s very powerful and that’s something that customers like to remark. This will allow you to blend nearly anything and prepare delicious nut butters, sorbets, pesto, salsa, etc. It’s also great for grinding coffee beans, so you can enjoy of a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want.

Although, in some special cases, the power may be a bit too much. For example, if you like soups with some little chunks of veggies in it, then you will have to use it with care and attention. Other than that, its superior powerful offers only benefits.

"​Super Powerful"

The Vitamix 5300 is easy to use and easy to clean. You probably know that cleaning an average blender is a real problem, as it takes too much time and can be quite annoying.

Fortunately, this blender is much easier to clean, something that will save you time and bring you plenty of peace of mind.

​"​Easy to Use and Easy to Clean"

​In comparison to the 5200 and many others blenders in the market, it’s much easier to store. And this is something that customers really appreciate.

It takes less space and can be placed under kitchen cabinets without problems.

​​​​"​Super Easy to Store"

If you are the kind of person who needs to blend a large quantity of ingredients, then this blender is everything you need.

Therefore, it’s useful for large families who want to enjoy of a healthier lifestyle by starting their day with a smoothie or juice full of nutrients.

Although, it’s not an ideal choice for small quantities, let’s say 1-2 servings. In this sense the 5200 is a better choice, because of its narrower base.

"​​Amazing for Large Blends"

This is one of the most important features of the product. Because thanks to it you can adjust the consistency to your own preference.

Furthermore, you can really see the usefulness and potential of the pulse feature when preparing pesto and salsa. I really recommend you to try it out with these preparations, and well, that’s what people love about it as well.

​"​​People Love the Pulse Setting"

Comparison Time:Which model is best?

As stated in the beginning, there are many different models produced by Vitamix, and many other blenders fabricated by other brands as well.

Under this section you will find a pretty good comparison between the 5300 and different blenders, so you can see how well it compares against other top-choices in the market.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Blendtec: What Brand is Better?

vitamix 5300 vs blendtec

Vitamix 5300

​​Blendtec (Classic)

​Amount of 5 Star reviews



​​Best for

​Thicker Ingredients

​​Coffee and Juice Bar ​(Commercial use)

​Pre-Program Settings

​​1-10 dial (Speed)



2.2-peak horsepower

​3.0-peak horsepower



​Black - Four-Side Jar


​11.95 lbs

​​7.28 lbs


​7.25 x 17.25 x 8.75 in

​8 x 7 x 15.5 in


Just like Vitamix, Blendtec is another brand which is synonymous of high-quality and top-notch performance.

In several occasions Blendtec blenders are easier to store than Vitamix products, but in this occasion the 5300 thanks to its cutting-edge design offers you the very same thing.

The Blendtec products come with the incredible Smart-Touch Technology, which is awesome because it takes care of blending and adjusting the settings as needed in order to get the results you expect.

This brings you more time and freedom to do other things in the kitchen.

On the other hand, the 5300 comes with a manual pulse setting which can be adjusted to achieve your preferred consistency.

Yet, it’s not automatic and hence you have to be there to adjust it manually.

It’s a bit hard to compare a single blender against a whole brand, but here you have it.

For example, if we compared the 5300 vs. the Designer 675 I would have to point out that the product by Blendtec is far more powerful (1.85 vs. 2.41 horsepower).

 But out of the power department, the 5300 can do as much as the Designer 675 without complications.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Vitamix 6300: Which one is Best?

Vitamix 5300 vs 6300

Vitamix 5300

​Vitamix 6300

​Amount of 5 Star reviews



​​Best for

​Thicker Ingredients

Hot Soups, Smoothies & Frozen Deserts

​Pre-Program Settings

​​1-10 dial (Speed)



2.2-peak horsepower

2-peak horsepower





​11.95 lbs



​7.25 x 17.25 x 8.75 in

​7 x 8.8 x 20 in


The first advantage of the 5300 over the 6300 is that it’s far easier to store.

If that’s a big concern for you, you better take it into account.

In terms of power both have the same horsepower: 1.85. But the 6300 peaks at 2 whereas the 5300 peaks at 2.2, but as we have seen before, it’s not important all.

Another advantage is the price. The 6300 is more expensive because it comes with 3 pre-programmed settings, which will help you to make delicious frozen desserts, soups and smoothies.

If this feature is not very important for you, then there’s no point in spending more money when you can get the same thing from the 5300.

So this is the result of comparing both of these blenders, and as you can see, the 5300 has many advantages.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Vitamix 6500: What are the differences?

vitamix 5300 vs vitamix 6500

Vitamix 5300

​Vitamix 6​500

​Amount of 5 Star reviews



​​Best for

​Thicker Ingredients

Hot Soups, Smoothies & Frozen Deserts

​Pre-Program Settings

​​1-10 dial (Speed)



2.2-peak horsepower

2.2-peak horsepower



​Black and Silver


​11.95 lbs

​16 pounds


​7.25 x 17.25 x 8.75 in

​17.2 x 7.2 x 8.8 inches


The 6500 and the 5300 are nearly identical: Both feature a low-profile design and same power.

Both have a peak of 2.2 HP and a continuous value of 1.85 HP. But the advantage of the 6500 over the 5300 is that it comes with 3 pre-programmed settings like the 6300.

But the aspect where the 5300 defeats it is in the price. The 6500 is more expensive for obvious reasons, and in all honesty, it’s better than the 5300.

Yet, if you don’t feel like spending more money, you can stick to the 5300 and get nearly the same thing.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Vitamix 5200: They seem to look alike!

vitamix 5300 vs vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5300

​Vitamix 5200

​Amount of 5 Star reviews



​​Best for

​Thicker Ingredients

​Medium to Large batches of ingredients

​Pre-Program Settings

​​1-10 dial (Speed)

​​​1-10 dial (Speed)


2.2-peak horsepower

2​-peak horsepower



​Black ​


​11.95 lbs

​​​10.56 lbs


​7.25 x 17.25 x 8.75 in

​​7.25 x 8.75 x 20.5 in


Some people say there are like twins, but there are many differences:

  • ​It comes with a manual pulse setting that can be adjusted instead of an on/off switch
  • ​It’s easier to store than the 5200
  • ​​Higher peak HP (2.2 vs. 2)
  • ​Blades are wider (4 inches vs. 3 inches)

Although both of them have the same HP (1.85), when it comes to the peak the 5300 is the winner.

Then we have that the 5300 comes with a manual pulse setting, whereas the 5200 comes with a classic yet simple on/off switch.

Again, the 5300 is the winner because it allows you to adjust the consistency to your own like with ease.

The 5200 is bulkier and its pitcher is way too tall, which makes it harder to store.

That’s why the 5300 is an improvement, because thanks to its low-profile design it’s easier to store and the pitcher is way shorter.

Finally, the blades in the 5300 are wider.

Although 3 inches (5200) is wider than what most blenders in the market offer, thanks to the 4-inch stainless steel blades of the 5300 you will obtain a better consistency in every single preparation: Smoothies, juices, nut butters and more.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Vitamix 7500: Is there really a comparison?

vitamix 5300 vs vitamix 7500

Vitamix 5300

​Vitamix ​7500

​Amount of 5 Star reviews



​​Best for

​Thicker Ingredients

​Hot and Cold (and everything in-between)

​Pre-Program Settings

​​1-10 dial (Speed)

​​​1-10 dial (Speed)


2.2-peak horsepower

2​.2-peak horsepower



​Black ​


​11.95 lbs

​​​​13 lbs


​7.25 x 17.25 x 8.75 in

​​​7.7 x 17.5 x 9.4 in


Now it’s time to compare the 5300 against the 7500, which is another great blender by Vitamix.

First off, both of them are very easy to store thanks to their low-profile design.

Also, both of them come with a pulse function which allows you to customize the consistency of your blend.

The most tangible difference resides in the motor. The 5300 is good, but it can be a bit noisy, and the 7500 is a huge improvement in this sense.

It’s very quiet despite being a powerful blender.

And when we talk about horsepower, the 7500 is an improvement at 1.93 vs. 1.85.

However, both of them have the same HP peak.

It comes with the same radial cooling fan and thermal protection system which makes it highly durable.

Moreover, the blades are the same as in the 5300.

Another important thing to note is that the 7500 belongs to the G-Series, which is also known as “Next Generation Series”, which brings you a less-noisy performance coupled with better airflow to prevent overheating.


​As you can see it compares very well against several other blenders and models within the range.

We have analyzed the key differences and where it has an advantage or disadvantage, so you can understand more about the value of this product

It is, without any doubts, one of the best blenders in the market.

Therefore, if you are looking for a superior performance, then this blender can bring you so. It’s powerful and its design makes it perfect.

Want to get it? Then all you need to do is to click the button below and get it today:


Where to Buy Vitamix 5300?

You could buy it at your local store, but it’s likely to cost you more than online.

Therefore, if you want to get this amazing blender for a good price, I recommend you to stick to buying it online.

You can buy it directly from the Vitamix store, but again, you will end up paying a higher price which is very similar to offline stores.

Then, what can you do? It’s simple: Buy it from Amazon. You will get the same product but for the lowest price in the internet.

Want to get it? Then just click the button below and order it right now:


There’s nothing better than buying it online from Amazon: It’s easy, fast and cheaper. So, what else could you ask for?

The Strongest Points: Where It Performs the Best

We have already talked a lot about this blender, but now it’s time to get in more detail and talk about the strongest points of it, so you can see where it performs the best.

This blender can do a wide myriad of things:

  • ​Frozen deserts
  • ​Juices
  • ​Smoothies
  • ​Vegetable milks
  • ​Nut butters
  • ​​Food preparation
  • ​Dressings
  • ​Dough
  • ​​Soups
  • ​​Baby food
  • ​Dips

The list is quite large, and it’s because this blender is equipped with cutting-edge technology and optimal power that make this possible.

Best for Smoothies and Juices:

Best for Smoothies and Juices

It works well in nearly everything, but it truly excels when it comes to juices and smoothies.

Thanks to the wide blades, powerful motor and pulse setting you can adjust the consistency to your own preference.

You can as many veggies and fruits as you want, which makes it perfect if you want to prepare a green smoothie.

The thing is that the wet blade and the wet-blade container are better suited for juices, smoothies, soups, purees, sauces and batter.

It can blend these ingredients without problems.

A very important thing I’d like to mention here is that it is better when you use it for large blends.

This is where it shows its real potential, as it can blend large quantities in just a few seconds.

Very Well Rounded Juicer

I have to say that it’s good in everything. Thanks to the 64-ounce container you can prepare hot soups for the whole family, and the same goes for juices, smoothies, and frozen desserts like sorbets, ice-cream and more.

Just take into account that in order to make frozen desserts you will have to add a little bit of water, otherwise it will be too hard.

What About Dry Foods?

Although you can use it for grinding coffee beans, preparing nut butters and nut flours, this should not be its primary activity.

Because this will damage the blades over time, that’s why I recommend you to buy the dry blade and dry container if you plan to do this.

Soups Are Amazing with this Blender

It’s amazing how it allows you to cook a delicious hot soup with a stove. In less than 10 minutes you will get a soup at serving temperature for you and your family to enjoy it.

The unique thing I’d like to note is that it is very powerful, and hence, the texture of the soup can be very liquid if you don’t set the speed to the right level and use the pulse switch adequately.

Finally, an important element to note is the low-profile tamper.

It will allow you to incorporate all the ingredients into the blend, which makes it perfect for dough, hot soups and food prep.

What ​do you get with Vitamix 5300?

You get the following things when you buy the Vitamix 5300:

  • ​Powerful motor base
  • ​64-ounce low-profile container
  • ​Low-profile tamper
  • ​​Getting Started Plus guide
  • ​7-year Warranty

I wish it came with an instructional DVD and a fancy cookbook like other models, but you can get inspiration from online videos.

And on top of that, the Getting Started Plus guide shares with you many delicious and interesting recipes you have got to try!

And worry not, because you are protected by a 7-year warranty (5 years if you buy a certified refurbished).

In case you experience any problem with it, you can easily solve it thanks to their customer service.

vitamix_5300 blender

Remember this

This blender, by default, comes with a wet blade. It’s perfect for most preparation, but if you are planning to use it for processing dry foods regularly, then you must buy the dry blade and dry container.

This will bring you the best results and protect your blender.

How to Use Vitamix 5300?

Now let’s learn how to use it correctly, so you can make the most out of it and prevent any possible problem from happening.

First Recommendations:

  • ​Make sure you place your blender on a stable, level and dry surface
  • ​Make sure the switch is set to off before plugging it into a power outlet
  • ​It can get very hot when preparing soups
  • ​Always check your blades and make sure they are in optimal conditions

Understanding Its Functions and how to get the most from it:

Now it’s time to understand its principal functions:

On/Off Switch:

It’s on the front of the blender, and as you can easily guess, it controls the power.

Start/Stop Switch:

To start the blending process you only have to press down the switch, and do the same if you wish to stop it.

Variable Speed Dial:

Adjust the speed (1-10) according to what you need at the moment.

Pulse Switch:

Remember that this switch and the variable speed dial are linked. For example, if the speed dial is set at 7, then the speed of the pulse switch will be 7 as well.

You just need to press down this switch for as long as you wish to blend.

This allows you to customize the consistency of the preparation to your preference.

Remember that the pulse switch is better used when making pesto, salsa or at the end of certain preparations to get rid of air bubbles.

It’s a truly wonderful feature which sets it apart from most blenders.

Low-profile Container with 2-part Lid:

The cups, ounces and milliliters are easy to see, so you can measure without problems.

When using the blender, always insert the lid plug through the lid and turn clockwise to secure it.

If you wish to add more ingredients or use the low-profile tamper, just remove the lid plug.

Low-profile Tamper:

Use the tamper to avoid air pockets from appearing and to combine all the flavors when blending.

In order to use it you just need to introduce it through the lid plug.

What Speed Should You Use?

The Vitamix 5300 offers you 10 levels of speed. If you are after the finest refinement possible, then you should use at its maximum speed or a value close to it.

This is perfect for grinding coffee beans, turning nuts into flour, etc.

Just remember that the wet blade, which comes by default, should not be used very often for processing dry foods.

Although it does not come with a fancy cookbook like other models, it comes with a Getting Started Plus guide, where you can check several recipes and see what’s the ideal speed level for each one of them.

You just need to follow the instructions and voilà!

Just be aware that using this blender at a very low speed for a long time will trigger the Automatic Overload Protection and shut down the machine.

Remember this, because this can end damaging your blender, because the cooling fan doesn’t work very well when blending at a very low speed.

Using the Wet-blade Container Correctly:

By default it comes with a wet-blade container. Although, you can purchase a dry blade and dry container, in case you want to process dry foods often.

In order to use it correctly you should ALWAYS place soft foods and water first in the container.

Then, you can add denser food and finally ice if you wish. This will bring you the best results.

Dealing with Air Bubbles:

Every now and then you will have to deal with air bubbles which stop the mixture from blending properly.

In order to get rid of them, the blender comes with a low-profile tamper.

Just introduce the tamper through the lid plug, and worry not because the splash disk will prevent it from hitting the blades, and stir until you get rid of the air bubbles.

In the rare case that the tamper does not work: Turn off the machine, remove the container from the base and use a rubber spatula to get rid of any air bubble.

Finally, just put it back again in the container and continue blending.

How to Clean the Vitamix 5300?

If you want to make this blender last for many years to come, then you need to learn how to clean it very well.

Fortunately, unlike other options in the market, this one is very easy to clean:

  • ​Set the speed to level 1
  • ​Fill half of the container with warm water
  • ​​Add a few drops of dish detergent or a similar substance
  • ​​Secure everything before starting the motor
  • ​Start the motor and slowly increase your way till speed 10
  • ​The process should take 1 minute at max
  • ​Once you are done turn off the machine and rinse and drain the container

This will bring your blender the maintenance it needs.

This will prevent disgusting odors from appearing and contaminating the flavor of your preparations.

Final Words:

These instructions and tips will help you to use your Vitamix 5300 correctly and get the best results.

 If you follow them, then you will enjoy of the best performance and make it last for several years.


The Vitamix 5300 is one of the best blenders in the market. It has got excellent features and people love it.

That’s why I totally recommend it to you. You can prepare nearly anything with it, and it makes everything taste exquisite.

People love it, and I have to say the same. Its powerful motor, air-craft blades and superb design make it one of the best blenders nowadays. And yes, its price is totally justified.

If you don’t get it today, then when will you? Just click the button below and order it right now:


You won’t regret getting it. If you want to live a healthier and more practical life, then all you need to do is to get the Vitamix 5300!

Nutri ninja vs nutribullet _ Reviews from Real users compared!

Nutri ninja vs nutribullet : Reviews from Real users compared!

Updated on 08/01/2018

NutriBullet Vs Nutri Ninja have been battling it out for the title of the best juicer on the market. In this post we will be comparing these two juicers head-to-head, and by the end of this post we will have a winner.

Or will we?

If you are looking for a top-rated bullet blender, but are unsure which model is best to buy and what to avoid?

Well, in this comparison you will find all the information you need to make the right choice. Choosing the best kind of mixer just got a whole lot easier.

If you want to know (or just in a hurry!)

This specific Bullet juicer is the most popular with our readers.

This is an excellent choice to make when you are looking for a bullet, but don't be fooled by the price, as it may seem cheap but it's worth a lot more!!

This specific model has more than 4800 5 star reviews on Amazon as we speak, so you can trust that it's a durable and well tested machine.

There are different colors available and this might increase the price, but the standard magic bullet is a steal if you can get it at below $80, which is most days. That is one heck of a deal. (see colors available, customers reviews and current specials here)

Which Juicer is best?

Your time is valuable. I am here to help you find the best juicer for your needs. These are my top picks for 2017 (compare these 5 juicers here)

Bullet Juicers - Top Choices:

  1. Best Bullet for Juicing
    - Info Page

  2. Best Bullet for Smoothies
    - Info Page

  3. Best Bullet for Ice
    - Info Page

  4. Best Bullet for Weight loss
    - Info Page

  5. Best Bullet for Leafy Greens
    - Info Page

The above list is just for those that know what their needs are and looking for a solution, below we have gone out our way to review all the best Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja models.

Well lets get down to it and show you what we found after comparing all the main features of the 2 Biggest Bullets on the market. We have tabled it to make it easier to read.​

NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja

Juicing Vs Smoothie

Best Bullet For Juicing

  • 1000 watt juicing power
  • Nutrient saving technology
  • XL serving cup



  • Blender pitcher
  • 16 oz x 2 cups
  • Recipe guides

Best Bullet For Smoothies

  • high torque power base
  • Cyclonic blade action
  • US and Canada Electrical Standards



  • 1 tall cup & 2 short cups
  • 1 flat blade & 1 emulsifying blade
  • 2 resealable lids & smoothie book

Nutri Ninja

Overall Rating

Blender Performance

This is how the Blades look:


The ninja has a more traditional approach and has gone with a 4 blade, rigid and very sharp edge the blades bend both up and down, this assist with a full blending experience

Power of the motor

The first model that Ninja launched was a 900watt model and that disrupted the market as there was no other bullet juicer that had the power, until the Nutri Pro launched matching the power, after this the models have various power levels but now they vary between 1200-1700watts, we have come so far from 2012 and the measly 400watts that was the norm.

Pitted Fruit, Frozen foods and Green Leaf challenge

Great "smooth" mix, seeds were noticeable but so small that it didn't matter to anyone in the test.

​Made a perfect Green smoothie but took on average 30 sec longer to get the same consistency as NutriBullet.

​Like the green challenge, the Nutri Ninja did a great job but just toke longer than the NutriBullet, but otherwise nothing in it.

Main Issue with Bullet

Because of the amount of power this product has, it is very loud for some users complaining that it even moves around on the counter tops when in use because it is so powerful.

Cup sizes

1 x Jumbo Multi-Serve 32 oz
1 x Regular 24 oz
​1 x Small 18 oz


Sip & Seal Lids
Nutri Ninja User Guide​

Juicing frozen Fruits

Like the green challenge, the Nutri Ninja did a great job but just toke longer than the NutriBullet, but otherwise nothing in it.

Drinking cup

The grooves in the cup make it difficult to drink from, many users complaint about spilling their juice whilst driving or running on the treadmill


Comes with a standard 1 year warranty but can be extended at point of purchase


Overall Rating

Blender Performance

This is how the Blades look:


These blades above are from the older models like the original bullet and the pro 900 but the new RX has a much better design that is a 4 blade sharper design for better performance.

Power of the motor

Although Nutribullet was 1st to market back in 2012, they launched with a very weak 400watt motor, and then on later models increased the power to 600watts, at the time it was the best in the market at the the time.Current power options are the standard 900watts models, its only the RX model that has a huge boost of 1700watts.

Pitted Fruit, Frozen foods and Green Leaf challenge

Did a great job, seeds seemed to be a bit bigger than Nutri Ninja but marginal.

​This was a tough challenge, toke longer than expected but got a smooth consistency. Yet again the time was better than Nutri Ninja.

​Overall time taken to get a smooth consistency, was less with NutriiBullet than Nutri Ninja

Main Issue with Bullet

Many users of this product complaint that the rubber sealer at the bottom of the blades leaked after they removed them to clean it properly. The company has confirmed that many users didn't use the blade removal tool supplied with the juicer.

Cup sizes

1 30-oz Short Cup
1 45-oz Oversized Cup


SouperBlast Pitcher with 2-Piece Lid
Stay Fresh Re-sealable Lid

Pitcher Lid

Blade Remover

Nutribullet User Guide

Natures Prescription Reciepe Book

Juicing frozen Fruits

This was a tough challenge, toke longer than expected but got a smooth consistency. Yet again the time was better than Nutri Ninja.

Drinking cup

The NutriBullet has a great cup that can be used like a coffee cup, easy to sip from and doesn't mess whilst driving.


Comes with a standard 1 year warranty but can be extended at point of purchase

Okay so above you have realized that there isn't much between the 2 bullets, so let's make it easier and list who the juicers are aimed at and you make the decision where you fit best.

Nutri Ninja is best for people who want:

Nutribullet is best for people who want:

So if you are still reading up to now, we know you want the nitty gritty, and we have that, so below you will find all the nuts and bolts of our review of these 2 Giants in the compact juicing industry.

Please keep in mind that what suits one person doesn't mean it will work for everyone, so look through our review and make an informed decision

The Best Bullet Juicer For You in 2018 and beyond

Both of these products are incredible, and they are available in a variety of other models. Here, we would give a details contrast about these two super brands and help you make a wise decision among those two. Although, both the products are very similar in aspects of pricing and features, yet certain characteristics differentiate them from each other. Their features, style, and accessories also differ and so their processing.

Let's be honest from the start, we are all different and focus on various aspects of the same thing. So the aim of this review is to give you all the information so that you can make a decision that is best suited for your needs.

Below we have decided to give you a quick top 3 option of both the Bullets for those of you that are in a hurry to start juicing. Here is the best of the best.

Are you looking for something else.... have a look at our Nutribullet vs Vitamix review

Top Nutribullet choices

​Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Top Nutri Ninja choices

So for those of you that have more time and are looking for the absolute benefits of each of these great bullets, we have put together a full review of a couple of different models. We hope you enjoy and above all, find a match!!

Nutribullet Review

Use: Bullet that juices any small fruits and veggies


Called a Bullet for a reason, works well every single time.


#1 Best seller on the Market

Ease of use

One of the easiest juicers to use on the market Today!


1 year warranty offered on this model after date of purchase

We Like:

  • Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes
  • 600-watt motor that produces HIgh Torque
  • Patented blade design
  • Includes 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes

We dislike:

  • If you have any product defaults, you need to take it to a local provider.
  • small fill cups when you add fruits, veggies or nuts


This is an improved version of previous best selling models from NutriBullet, so it has it advantages, over older models. The pro 9000 model is the #1 selling Bullet in the world for a reason, it addresses all of the juicing communities needs in a very compact machine.

The Nutri bullet variety of blenders is available in jars that have different capacities that make it easier to serve so many guests or people at a very same time. It has jars that have capacities of 32 oz of liquid.

It also comes with two extractor blades that have an RPM of 25000 which is more than that of Nutri Ninja that comes with 21000 RPM. The price of this product is a little more than that of Ninja, but the differences are very minor. NutriBullet is considered better in most of the aspects in contrast to the product it is compared with. It has some accessories, better RPM value and overall it is an excellent deal.

Here you can find the best deal on -> Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900

Nutri Ninja Reviews

Use: Powerful bullet juicer for all your juicing needs


Works well but not for your bigger fruits and veggies


Well priced for what you get

Ease of use

ONo learning curve, plug and play system


1 year warranty offered on this model after date of purchase

We Like:

  • Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes
  • 600-watt motor that produces HIgh Torque
  • Patented blade design

We dislike:

  • If you have any product defaults, you need to take it to a local provider.
  • small fill cups when you add fruits, veggies or nuts


This is an improved version of previous best selling models from Nutri Ninja, so it has it advantages, over older models. The auto IQmodel is the #1 selling Ninja in the world. So you can expect a super juicer that is compact and fast!

This product has an almost unbreakable processing system as it can blade even ice cubes very easily. It crushes the ice cubes into snow in seconds because the product is made of strong stainless steel blades that can cut easily through stem, skin and even strong seeds of vegetables.

There is one drawback with the blender as you need to hold the jar over the blender while you blend the components. While blending, you cannot perform any other task, and it also comes with only a single extractor blade that makes it inferior as compared to the NutriBullet. It is very compact and stylish in its features although it lacks on accessories. It also has less RPM value; still, it is a very great product in many ways.

Nutri Bullet v/s Nutri Ninja

Nutri blender

There is no point of uncertainty in the fact that the performance of both these blenders is incredible and they both have same watt output of 900 watt.

If you are willing to get a blender that is of high power, you must go for Ninja under the model name of Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450) that runs under 1000 watt power.

If you want more, you can go for Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17 that comes with 1700 watt. If you need blenders with low watt power, you can go for little cheaper model in the name Nutri bullet 60 watt of or magic bullet of 250 watts. Both these models are a single server. Both these companies are in somewhat neck to neck race regarding their features, processing and accessories.

They are almost similar in most of the cases but they have little differences that make it easier for the buyers to make a choice as per their requirements and needs. You will get amazing price and discounts if you buy these products from Amazon.

As per the series of comparison, Nutri ninja is considered ahead as per the series of review tests. If you want an option for more number of serves, you can get a blender of high wattage which is more powerful or full sized.

See Today’s Best Bullet Juicer List

Ease of Use

As both the Nutri bullet and Nutri Ninja are very similar in design, they are both very easy to use.You can put all the ingredients if you want to make a smoothie or drink a cup of your favorite shake, you can screw on the assembly of blades available, flip the cup over and push it down.

Using the Bullet, you can either pulse it or lock it down and it can keep running smoothly. The Nutri Ninja blenders works on pulse. As compared to Nutri bullet, Nutri ninja has a very higher fill line.

You can put maximum amount of liquid in Nutri ninja and in the end you always get more of it.

All the cups are safe to use in dishwashers and they are all BPA free. You can also put them in soapy water and pulse for few times if you want to clean them without any extra effort. All you need to do is to rinse it out properly and they are all done.

Accessories and advantages

Nutri Bullet comes up with following accessories and features:

[easyazon_image align="center" cloak="y" height="500" identifier="B007TIE0GQ" locale="US" localize="y" nf="y" src="" tag="makitareviews-20" width="500"]
  • They are great for making smoothies with an extra cup.
  • Good for chopping and grinding
  • Available in power of 900 watts
  • Maximum capacity of 32 oz
  • ​1 large jar of 32 oz, 2 medium jars of 24 oz and 1 small jar of 18 oz.
  • ​Comes with 1 lip ring with handle, 1 regular lip ring, 2 re-sealable lids, 1 flip top lid
  • ​2 extractor blades
  • ​Comes with cookbooks/recipe books
  • User manual

Nutri Ninja comes up with following accessories, advantages and features:

[easyazon_image align="center" cloak="y" height="432" identifier="B013AL94GQ" locale="US" localize="y" nf="y" src="" tag="makitareviews-20" width="500"]
  • Comes with power watt of 900.
  • 2 extractor blades
  • ​1 medium jar of 24 oz, 1 small jar of 18 oz and 1 jar of 12 oz that is available only in deluxe models.
  • ​It comes with 2 lids
  • ​Instruction Guidelines and manual
  • Cookbooks

Major Differences

  • One of the major differences among both these types of blenders is their system of blades.
  • Both the blenders contain four very sharp blades, but the difference lies in its position.
  • The blades in Ninja stand higher so they reach farther into the cup while it’s blending.
  • Another difference among both these types of blenders is their fill line.
  • Nutri ninja has a fill line that is much closer to the top of the cup while, its way half in the case of Nutri bullet.
  • You can blend a lot more at once if you are using Nutri ninja for blending because of this factor.
  • Pros:

    • The Nutri bullet blender has a powerful motor system and it is very handy for grinding fruits and veggies smoothly.
    • It has a flat blade to grind the items finely and an emulsifying blade turns the ingredients in a fine paste.
    • It is considered best in the market for making drinks, shakes and smoothies from vegetables, fruits and even those hard seeds.
    • ​It comes in several bright colors although mostly people prefer silky and sophisticated grey shade.
    • The motor system of Nutri Ninja typically runs on 450 watts that is less than 600 watts of Nutri bullet.
    • Although it has comparatively low power, yet it is sufficient for efficiently chopping, mincing, dicing, blending and making a refined puree of any ingredient.
    • Nutri Ninja also handles ice brilliantly and quickly makes a cold base of ice for creamy sweet smoothies and drinks.


    • Although the motor of Nutri bullet is quite powerful than the other one, it needs to be used periodically in intervals so that it can be given sometime to cool down.
    • It should not be operated more than 60 seconds in one go.
    • ​You can take the interval of 30 seconds while you blend the ingredients in order to get required texture.
    • ​The corners and dips make areas in which your ingredients can stick which makes it difficult to clean and incorporates more effort from your end
    • This does not take place in case of Nutri Ninja as it is dishwasher safe and cleans easily.
    • Although hand cleaning would be the best option to increase long life of the product, yet cleaning is easier in this product.
    • The blades of Nutri Ninja cannot be changed and some of the users find it as a major drawback.
    • The system runs only on one speed and you have to pulse the ingredients unless you get your required consistency.


Looking properly at reviews of both the products, it is evident that both the products offer desirable strength and fulfills specific purposes. The Nutri Ninja is considered ideal for side dishes, smoothies, drinks and desserts because it produces a softer and refined blend of ingredients.

Ice and other ingredients can easily be blended into delicious chunks for the preparation of your favorite dessert using Nutri Ninja. Nutri bullet is an incredible choice for extracting juices and preparation of healthy juices.

Many substantial fruits and veggies can easily be blended into healthy drinks using the powerful machine. It can also handle fruits and veggies easily that comes with skin and stems, which ensures that it contains all the necessary nutrition in your recipe.

Both the devices offer great value in the terms of time consumption and ease of access to the machine. It’s up to the customers that which among the two blenders suits them perfectly as per their requirement.

Juicer Deals and discounts

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Best Wheatgrass Juicers _ Guide, Reviews and Best Deals

Best Wheatgrass Juicers : Guide, Reviews and Best Deals

Best Wheatgrass Juicers _ Guide, Reviews and Best Deals

Everybody knows that juicing is the fastest way to improve your health and enjoy of more energy and vitality.

And when we talk about wheatgrass, things get even better. Because it’s loaded with so many amazing health benefits that you will want to run your closest store, buy some wheatgrass and a pretty good juicer to start drinking your way to a better health.

Let’s start by checking a proper definition.

What Is It?

Basically it is the young grass of the wheat plant known as Triticum aestivum.

It’s been in our history for quite a long time. It’s known that Mesopotamian civilizations and the ancient Egypt (5000 years ago) used this food due to its amazing properties. And nowadays it’s very popular in the United States and Europe for the same reason.

Growing it is easy in fact, because you only need to put wheat seeds in water, allow them to grow and then harvest the leaves. It just takes around 2 days to germinate and 10 days to grow till proper harvest size.

With the help of a good hydroponics system along with a nice grow light, you can grow wheatgrass in the comfort of your home without problems. It will be fast, and if you add the right nutrients, then it will grow even better.

It’s an incredible food which is easy to grow and with excellent properties that are proven to improve your health.

What Are The Health Benefits?

It is very rich in nutrients, mineral, vitamins and antioxidants. This wonderful combination will give your health the boost you are looking for:

  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin A, C, E, K, B6
  • Manganese
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamin
  • Niacin
  • Potassium

Moreover, it’s also rich in vegetal proteins. A real bomb of health benefits.(1)

It’s also an excellent source of chlorophyll, which is often referred as the “blood” of plants. It has several health benefits:

  • It will detox your body from toxins, and even drug deposits
  • It cleans your liver by eliminating noxious toxins and pollutants
  • ​It will control blood sugar issues
  • It can restore and health damaged tissues
  • And much more…
Shot glass of wheat grass with fresh cut wheat grass

Can you see now why wheatgrass juice is so good for your health?

It will heal you, fill you with tons of energy and make you feel amazing. It’s the key to a healthier and happier life, but there is a problem…

What’s the problem? Well, it’s very hard to juice using conventional juicers. That’s why you will need something specialized for it. But worry not, because the market has the solution you are looking for.

Why Is Wheatgrass So Hard To Juice?

Most commercial juicers are not capable of processing wheatgrass, moreover, they warn you about it from the beginning.

The problem is that, unlike fruits and leafy greens, wheatgrass has a denser composition. It’s very fibrous, and hence, very hard to grind with a conventional commercial juicer. And beware of trying to do it, because it will clog up your juicer and even break it.

It’s all about the fibrous composition of it. It’s so dense that human stomachs cannot digest it unless it’s juiced. This alone should give you a clear idea on why it’s so hard to grind.

That’s why you need something especially designed for that job, and fortunately, there are juicers that can grind wheatgrass easily and turn it into juice in no time.

The Solution: Wheatgrass Juicers

As you can easily guess, the best way to handle this problem is with a proper wheatgrass juicer. But, in order to be fit for this job, it needs to have certain characteristics.

What Features Must It Have?

First off, there are electric and manual juicers. Yet, they both share many features in common, only that with one you will have to juice it manually, while the other is automatic.

Slow Speed:

In the case of electric juicers for wheatgrass they use a slow speed process, which allows two key goals: To grind it and to retain as much antioxidants and nutrients as possible.

This process prevents oxidation, and hence, brings you a nutrient-rich juice full of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

A clear example of this is the Omega J8006, which uses a slow speed process to juice wheatgrass, kale, spinach and other fibrous and dense foods without problems.


The principle used by electric and manual juicers is the same: They “masticate” wheat grass, as it’s the unique way to effectively grind it.

Once it has been properly squashed or masticated – call it as you want – then it’s squeezed in order to obtain the juice.

It’s as simple as that. Moreover, the design particularities allow them to bring a higher output of green juice full of vitamins and nutrients to make you feel awesome.

The unique downside of this is that most manual juicers that are especially designed for wheat grass cannot be used for any other kind of food like other vegetables or fruits. That’s something you need to take into account.

But in the other hand most electric juicers which can grind wheatgrass can also handle a wide range of other foods, and once again, the best example of this is the incredible Omega J8006.


It should be evident that a decent juicer for this kind of food must be very strong. In order to break down the fibrous and dense composition of it, it needs to have a strong auger capable of masticating it.

In this case you are looking for a juicer equipped with a very strong and highly-durable auger, so you can get as much wheatgrass juice as you want.

But in general the whole juicer should have a very strong and solid construction, so you can grind with confidence.


In a nutshell: A good juicer for wheatgrass is strong, equipped with a system capable of masticating the food and using a slow process in order to extract it. And remember that it can be either manual or electric.

So lets see what options you have when looking for the perfect wheatgrass Juicer:

Top 3 Wheatgrass Juicers on the Market

The Healthy Juicer is endorsed and sold by the leaders in the health/wheatgrass industry Founded in 2003 the Healthy Juicer company now boasts over 800 retailers around the United States and distribution in over 5 countries proving our commitment to quality and juice yield.

The Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27) is one of the more affordable wheatgrass juicers at around $50.

  • Juices Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, Chard, Parsley, and Lettuce - anything leafy!
  • Compact, lightweight, portable wheatgrass and Leafy Green Juicer - superb for travel!
  • 30-Second Cleanup - only 3 parts to clean and no internal screen to scrub!
  • Features Both a Suction Base (up to 100-Pounds of pressure) PLUS a stainless steel table clamp to affix to ANY surface
  • Stainless steel end cap and grinding plate. / Hip retro look with a 1 year warranty
  • Some complaints of the juicier being messy to use


The Healthy Juicer takes minutes to disassemble and clean. Simply rinse off with warm soapy water. All of the excess waste pulp is neatly expelled out the front of the end cap into a separate bowl for easy disposal. This juicer would be a good option for those just starting out with wheatgrass.

There have been quite a few claims that the Handy Pantry Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer is on the easier side to use. There are also claims that it will never rust. Whether you think it will or not, you can check it out for yourself at around $135 on Amazon.

  • Superb Extraction - Stainless Steel Construction - Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Clean - Dishwasher Safe - Easy assembly / disassembly - Easily Mounts To Countertops
  • Fits Countertops up to 2 1/4" Thick - Lightweight & Portable - Great for RV & Travel
  • Juices Wheatgrass & Barley grass amazingly well - Non-Toxic ­Won't Rust
  • Juices approximately 1 oz. per minute - Weight: Approx. 6 lbs. - Five year warranty, 30-day full money back guarantee!
  • Have had reports of handle problems


This juicer is on the more expensive side, but it does have some pretty good ratings. The Handy Pantry Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer has 106 reviews and is just shy of a 5 star rating overall. That has to count for something.

The Omega is a very popular juicer, as the Omega 8006 Nutrition Center efficiently juices hard and soft fruits even citrus fruits. The Omega Nutrition Center juices all kinds of vegetables without destroying the natural flavor and nutritional benefits. Enjoy the best that nature offers in raw foods of all kinds and juice them for full nutritional benefits. It can process soft foods for special diets for babies.

You can try making fresh frozen desserts, natural baby food and nut butters using your fresh fruit and vegetables. This high quality juicer runs for around $350 on Amazon. The Omega 8006 Juicer comes with a lot of extra features and the juicer is very stylishly colored in chrome and black.

  • Omega 8006 Multipurpose Electric Wheatgrass Juicer (Black & Chrome) 15 Year Warranty
  • 5 LB Certified Organic Wheatgrass Seed
  • 5 Growing Trays
  • Organic Compost Mixture and Azomite Trace Mineral Fertilizer
  • Comes with Book: Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Microgreens, and Growing Instructions
  • Not many complaints have been made about this juicer. Just the occasional complaint that something was missing from the package.


This juicer comes with a kit that is perfect for growing grasses even in small kitchens or apartments. Each kit comes with simple easy to follow growing and harvesting instructions that will have you juicing healthy super-nutritious juice within ten days! Includes: 5 Growing Trays, 5 Lbs. of Organic wheatgrass seeds, organic soil, Azomite trace mineral fertilizer, growing instructions, book: Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Microgreens and the Living Food Diet, by Living Whole Foods.


You may be wary about buying something like a juicer. You may not like what the juice ultimately tastes and feels like you wasted money. A juicer can be a costly piece of machinery. But really when it comes right down to it, it is not just about price, but what the consumer is comfortable with. Doing more research on these brands may be a good idea as well. Some people like a more quiet motor, while others have no preference as long as it works.

Consider what exactly you need in a juicer, what you will be using it for, and the amount of money you are willing to spend before you purchase such an expensive piece of machinery. You don’t want to make a decision you’ll regret.

For those just getting into the juicing game and don’t want to spend too much, try the Original Healthy Juicer. Maybe you want a more advanced juicer without breaking the budget. Get the Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer. Want to go all out? The Omega is an awesome juicer. The Omega does cost a pretty penny, but the brand always seems to dominate on Amazon. The Omega juicers always seem to have the best reviews and lots of them. However, the decision is ultimately yours. Remember, even if you end up not liking the wheatgrass, you can always juice other fruits and vegetables. Happy juicing!